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A.B Typo... 😕

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A.B Typo... 😕, a project made by 🧡PumpkinSpicePuppy🧡 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • A.B Typo... 😕
  • hi guys. sunbeam here. you should know me from the april edition of the new series by i_am_pikachu, appreciation board, where i got introduced.
  • appreciation board is about special projects that deserve a shoutout, with the brand-new addition of minecraft resources.
  • so, the series has monthly uploads. we chose it to be monthly because... (and series publishers, take note of this)
  • -it would be easier to upload new episodes, allowing us more time to code, design, you know the deal.
  • the problem is that there was a typo. and users that see it may think about how often it uploads differently.
  • crystal, my owner, mentioned that it would be uploaded on a monthly basis.
  • but the board is labeled ‘projects this week’, which is wrong. in the may upload, the typo will definetly be fixed.
  • one last thing...
  • but i’ll say sorry anyway. i apologise for not picking this up before the project got published. thanks guys, we appreciate it.