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by Purple Baboon



ESCAPE 2, a project made by Purple Baboon using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Adventure, Art, Stick Figure


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, input/output, text handling, delays, simple loops, direction and turning, graphic effects, simple costume handling, simple motion, basic math, conditional loops, advanced costume handling, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:486
  • #Actors:35
  • #Costumes:37
  • #Scripts:167

Text Snippets

  • i drank the milk.
  • i got a code card.
  • i should use it to go in.
  • story: since the kid made it back to texas, his dad will make him help everyone in the world and trying to be the most person ever!
  • you must touch stuff to interact to it.
  • options: you can change the graphic resolution or change the game’s language.
  • so my daddy told me to get out of texas to go on a world tour.
  • i will go to washington d.c to become famous.
  • i like d.c because they have the great government.
  • there lives my great guy.
  • could you help me go to washington?
  • help! i’m starving!
  • this pizza is great with pepper.
  • thank you for the food!
  • i can now take you to virgina!
  • here is a glass of milk.
  • welcome to my milk stand!
  • you can get milk here for free.
  • of course you cannot give me money.
  • come here if you want milk.
  • sorry... do not look at the sign.
  • my name is ms. landerson.
  • i am a teacher who lives here.
  • you wanna go to washington d.c’s president court by shortcut.
  • you have to do math.
  • you must do it, get a caculator if having trouble!
  • last one and you are done!
  • good! you can now walk to the shortcut.
  • if you wanna be in.
  • you must say the code.
  • what is the code for the building?
  • you can now see the president.
  • a code card from the president.
  • it said “2698”
  • you made it just in time.
  • i can make you be famous and cause you are the smartest kid.
  • you did it, really good.
  • thank you for helping everyone!