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make... Magick Mud!

by Unlawful Market



make... Magick Mud!, a project made by Unlawful Market using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


How To, Art, Animation


input/output, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, advanced messaging, simple events, resize actor, delays, simple loops, simple sound playing, simple motion

  • #Lines:61
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:13
  • #Scripts:13

Text Snippets

  • make... Magick Mud!
  • you can make this experience at home.
  • just follow the steps
  • first, take a empty container, like we did
  • then, take some corn starch
  • next drawing (2)
  • pour some corn starch in the container
  • next drawing (3)
  • put the corn starch away
  • next drawing (4)
  • then, take some water
  • next drawing (5)
  • pour a tiny bit of water.
  • you can add a little more later
  • next drawing (6)
  • then you need to stir till it's hard to stir
  • you can also add a little more water if there's not enough
  • next drawing (7)
  • pour some magick mud in your hand
  • next drawing (8)
  • now roll the magick mud into a ball.
  • it stays in a ball (if you keep rolling it)!
  • next drawing (9)
  • it's like mud again!
  • thanks for watching
  • hello and welcome to... make magick mud!
  • to start, tap the screen two times
  • take some corn starch
  • put some corn starch in the container
  • put away the corn starch
  • pour it on your hand
  • make a ball with the magick mud
  • make a ball with the Magick Mud

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