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Platformer Game

by Cooperative Worry

remixed from "Platformer Game" by Melted Study

originally from "Platformer DIY" by Fortunate Reign



Start your own custom platformer game.


simple events, functions, actor properties, expert physics, advanced physics, basic math, platformer basics, platformer automations, advanced costume handling, detect conditions, platformer controls, advanced events, simple messaging, simple conditionals, direction and turning, simple loops, miscellaneous, topdown basics, graphic effects, topdown automations, variables, advanced math, advanced motion, touching actor, advanced animation, conditional wait, resize actor, delays, advanced messaging, simple sound playing, topdown controls, level design, simple variables

  • #Lines:217
  • #Actors:25
  • #Costumes:79
  • #Scripts:53

Text Snippets

  • Start your own custom platformer game.
  • sad farewell music
  • serious mood music
  • tynker.bullet.human
  • body falling thud
  • tynker.bullet.troll
  • tynker.bullet.dragon
  • game sound punch 2
  • cartoon scream long
  • patroller villain
  • game sound 13 loop
  • tynker.topdown.moveset1
  • when i receive hit
  • when i receive stun
  • when i receive heal
  • tynker.topdown.moveset
  • stop this script
  • in attack range?
  • when i receive destoryall
  • stop fireball script
  • when i receive shootheal
  • when i receive rise effect
  • when i receive rain of healing
  • stop heal script
  • when i receive rise effect heart
  • when i receive lightningattack1
  • when i receive lightningattack2
  • calculates if enemy is in ellipse shaped strike zone
  • when i receive cast
  • when i receive electric shot
  • lightning of the arrow
  • when i receive shoot