3-Object Sorter

by SpicySpaceSnake



A machine that sorts 3 specific objects based on a sensor. *Made using Tynker for i-Pad.




expert physics, direction and turning, delays, simple events, simple loops, input/output, variables, simple variables, simple messaging, advanced events, advanced motion, basic math, advanced messaging, detect conditions, cloning, simple motion, resize actor, pen size, pen color, advanced math, simple conditionals, basic physics

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Text Snippets

  • this is a physical 3-object sorter.
  • similar to its cousin, the physical 2-object sorter, this sorts 3 objects into separate areas.
  • the randomizer (the lucky block) randomly chooses either the green, blue, or orange ball to drop.
  • then the sensor (the pink ball), depending on what touches it, gives feedback to the tilt platform.
  • then the tilt platform either tilts or moves to sort the item.
  • the balls on the bottom are scorekeepers and will display the score for each item.
  • this was made for demonstration perposes, like my other sorters.
  • remember, yours may function or look differently.
  • this is simply a model for you to look at and base yours off of.
  • drop a like! at 100 likes, i'll make more intelligent machines like this one!
  • orangeidentified


  • background scene - image
    background scene - image
  • gear - image
    gear - image
  • wall1 - dirt platform
    wall1 - dirt platform
  • wall2 - dirt platform
    wall2 - dirt platform
  • tiltplatform - dirt platform
    tiltplatform - dirt platform
  • sensor - purple ball
    sensor - purple ball
  • randomizer - image
    randomizer - image
  • greenscorer - green ball
    greenscorer - green ball
  • bluescorer - blue ball
    bluescorer - blue ball
  • orangescorer - orange ball
    orangescorer - orange ball
  • holder1 - sci fi platform
    holder1 - sci fi platform
  • holder2 - sci fi platform
    holder2 - sci fi platform
  • greenball - green ball
    greenball - green ball
  • blueball - blue ball
    blueball - blue ball
  • orangeball - orange ball
    orangeball - orange ball
  • holder3 - sci fi platform
    holder3 - sci fi platform