Project Omega

by Jam-packed Muscle

originally from "Project Omega" by Raspy Journey



Project Omega, a project made by Jam-packed Muscle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, basic math, simple conditionals

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Text Snippets

  • what is your name?
  • i've been watching you.
  • you are a good cannidate for the project omega.
  • would you like to join?
  • what is "project omega?"
  • fine. leave and never come back.
  • choose differently for another ending
  • also, try part two!
  • first we will do a simulation in witch you have to make quick and right decitions
  • you need to free the hostage. there are two doors. back or front?
  • the enemy spotted you and you failed the mission
  • play again for a different ending.
  • you go through the back door and see two more. left or right?
  • inside the room there is a bomb.
  • it explodes before you can dismantle it.
  • play again for a different ending
  • in the room there is a hostage
  • you escape with the hostage.
  • you completed the first simulation!
  • you will be a good agent.
  • it is a secret agency that needs new agents.
  • welcome to the team.
  • we will do a simulation to start your training
  • your mission is to take information from a enemy base
  • there are two buildings. do you enter the left or the right?
  • you enter the building and see a bomb
  • it has two wires, you need to cut one to dismantle it
  • what wire do you cut?
  • the bomb explodes
  • you failed the mission
  • you dismantle the bomb and grab the information
  • you completed the simulation!
  • there are enemies in the building
  • do you run to grab the information or fight the enemies?
  • you are outnumbered and the enemies capture you
  • you fail the mission
  • you are able to grab the information without being captured
  • there are two more doors you can escape through. witch do you go through?
  • you run out the door and see your extraction helecopter
  • you escape with the information


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