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by Obsolete Stomach

remixed from "look 1" by Slippers

originally from "look" by never coming back.



>:1, a project made by Obsolete Stomach using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game

  • #Lines:8
  • #Actors:4
  • #Costumes:7
  • #Scripts:3

Text Snippets

  • so i have an question
  • how do u change your profile picture to an image?
  • i have been wondering soooooooooo much.
  • like chocomcmuffin!
  • but mines is an..
  • yup an draggon...
  • so how do you change your profile to an image?
  • here on tynker you cant just shout out at someone saying, “your a fake of so and so”
  • like, thats just plain out rude
  • not to be rude alright but you say that about snowy when your adding the plant atoje thingy! she might have givin you permission but im just sayin! i wanna be friends with you but please!
  • dont come at scr! (snowy choco rool >:3) she/he did nothing wrong!