Pre-Reader Course Collection

Explore the basics of coding with word-free picture blocks. Request Quote

  • Grades PK - 2
  • 29 lessons
    • iPad
  • Tynker Blocks
  • Beginner Course
Course includes
  • 29 lessons
  • 160 activities
  • Enhanced Creativity Tools
  • Automatic Assessment
  • Tutorials and Reviews
  • Coding Puzzles
  • DIY Projects
  • Quizzes
  • Answer Keys
No previous coding experience required.


The pre-reader course collection is designed specifically for early learners ages 4-7 who are just beginning to develop foundational skills such as reading and writing. To use these courses in your classroom, you must download the Tynker Junior app from the App Store. Tynker Junior was created with young kids in mind, so that early learners learn basic programming concepts like sequencing, pattern recognition, numeric loops, conditional loops, counters, events, conditional logic, and nested loops that help to establish foundational coding skills.

Tynker Junior uses picture-based block programming with fun characters to help kids develop animations, pursue adventures and solve puzzles and challenges. This enables young children—who have limited motor skills and are still developing hand-eye coordination—to learn to code using big blocks, pictures, voiceovers and tap-tap-tap interactions, without words or drag-and-drop or any other actions they may find too tedious or overwhelming.

Tynker Junior currently includes 5 adventures with over 200 coding challenges:

  • Get introduced to block coding as you meet all the inhabitants in the game
  • Design your own aquarium with different sea creatures, props and music
  • Help Gillie the Goldfish move through the maze to collect treasure
  • Learn sequencing, pattern recognition and critical thinking
  • Design different types of robots with code
  • Use “tilt” events to program a robot game
  • Use “tap” events to code your robots to dance and wave
  • Navigate the robots through a maze to collect power cells
  • Learn flexible sequencing as you solve the same puzzle in different ways
  • Help 8 endangered animals reach their homes in four biomes
  • Detect patterns and apply coding techniques to navigate a path
  • Use the “wait” command to avoid obstacles
  • Use numerical loops and block parameters to travel through complex trails
  • Help the puffballs add to their sock collection while avoiding obstacles
  • Use conditional loops to repeat tasks until a condition is satisfied
  • Detect patterns and apply nested loops to reach a goal
  • Create physics-enabled sandboxes where wacky interactions ensue
  • Join the Super Squad and help them retrieve stolen museum treasure
  • Design your own super, and choose a super power
  • Use conditional statements to handle different situations
  • Work collaboratively with other heroes to achieve complex goal
  • Seabed Scribbler
  • Octodrum
  • Wildtracks
  • Pocket Band
  • Starfish Spirals
  • RoboDance
  • Squad Pose
  • Day in the Park
  • Emoji Chat

Topics Include

  • Sequencing
  • Flexible sequencing
  • Repetition
  • Conditional loops
  • Debugging
  • Pattern recognition
  • Conditional Logic
  • Event Handling

What Students Learn

  • Introduction to basic programming
  • Sequencing tasks
  • Flexible sequencing
  • Critical thinking
  • Debugging programs
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Using loops for repetition
  • Conditional loops
  • Using nested loops
  • Problem solving

Technical Requirements

* Online courses and lesson plans require an iPad, desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet connection and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Internet Explorer (10+) browser. No downloads required.
1. Underwater Coding
11 activities
Dive right in and learn the basics of icon-based coding. Order the blocks correctly to solve the puzzles!
2. Aquarium Architech
2 activities
Design your own aquarium with your underwater friends!
3. Deep Sea Sequencing
16 activities
Input a sequence of moves to collect the coins!
4. Deep Sea Sequencing 2
12 activities
Search for more treasure with these advanced sequencing puzzles!
5. Assembly Line
13 activities
Match the blueprints to build the correct robot!
6. Robot Builder
2 activities
Design your own robot!
7. Electric Events
7 activities
Code your robot to react to taps and tilts on your device!
8. Battery Sequencing
18 activities
Ride conveyor belts and collect batteries to bring power back to the factory!
9. The North American Grasslands
10 activities
Use sequencing to help these prairie animals reach their mothers!
10. The Southeast Asian Rainforest
10 activities
Climb down cliffs and ride on logs to navigate a jungle maze!
11. The African Savanna
10 activities
Look for patterns in the grass and use loops to traverse the wilds of the Savanna!
12. The African Jungle
10 activities
Plan carefully and avoid snakes to journey across this dangerous terrain!
13. Meet the Dust Bunnies
16 activities
Use loops to help these puffballs jump, climb, and push their way to the socks!
14. Home Sweet Home
2 activities
Visit the Dust Bunnies' home and play with physics!
15. Balloon Bonanza
13 activities
Find keys, pop balloons, and chase flying socks while using conditional loops!
16. So Many Blocks
8 activities
Learn about other conditional loops and kick boxes to clear a path to the socks!
17. Join the Squad
2 activities
Design your own superhero!
18. Missing Money
15 activities
Trek through the city to locate the bank's stolen money.
19. The Museum Heist
14 activities
Team up with your allies to find the museum's stolen treasures.
20. Iguana Industries
14 activities
Work together to stop Doctor Iguana's schemes!
21. Seabed Scribbler
1 activity
Use code blocks to help Tracey draw while she moves and turns.
22. Octodrum
1 activity
Use code to create a song with Ollie and his drums.
23. Wildtracks
1 activity
Make patterns with tiger tracks using code.
24. Pocket Band
1 activity
Code the band members to create music together.
25. Starfish Spirals
1 activity
Code Stella to create different art.
26. RoboDance
1 activity
The robots are having a party! Use code to make them dance.
27. Squad Pose
1 activity
Code the Super Squad to pose for the camera!
28. Day in the Park
1 activity
Use code to create a perfect day at the park for the Super Squad.
29. Emoji Chat
1 activity
Have the dust bunnies chat with each other using code.