Tynker Has 7 New Game Kit Tutorials!

Last Updated: January 27, 2022 1:03 pm
Tynker Has 7 New Game Kit Tutorials!

Does your child dream of becoming the next superstar in the world of GAME DESIGN? Or are they just looking for a cool weekend coding project?

Either way, be sure to have them check out our all-new set of Game Kit Tutorials, straight from our world-renowned Tynker Game Development team. Coding games in Tynker is a great way to help your child explore their creativity and learn to be a maker. Plus, it’s FUN!

These tutorials will take coders into the world of Tynker’s top-secret Hackathons, where our team of developers tends to show off — and blow off steam with seriously amazing projects. 

Your child can follow along to learn coding tricks, then invent games of their own, as well as ideas for new features, enemies, and play styles.

They’ll find these new tutorials by:

  • logging into Tynker.com
  • clicking +Create Project > Block Coding 

Control Clones!

Your child can get started by exploring these advanced tutorials that will show them how to Control Clones:

Control Clones card
  • Boulder Dodger — Dodge those big boulders! Along the way, you’ll implement relative player movement and draw a game grid with variables, so you can resize your game on the fly. 
Boulder dodger
A ninja tries to avoid boulders on a game grid
  • Dragon vs. Choppers — It’s a showdown in the skies! Learn how to create projectiles using the received value block.
Dragon vs. Choppers
A pink dragon faces off against helicopters in this animation
  • Graveyard Rampage Codey is trapped in a graveyard—on Halloween! Something spooky is afoot. Control clones and add power-ups to this fast-paced survival game.
Graveyard Rampage
An animation showing gameplay: Codey walks back and forth with a sword as skulls rise from the ground!

Pen Games!

Learn how to use the Pen Blocks in your code to draw game assets and characters, a totally different way to organize your Tynker games!

  • Meteor Swarm — This fast-paced arcade game uses the pen blocks. Protect this city using your mouse while learning tricks for color-sensing code and more! 
Meteors move from right to left, leaving craters in the ground. When the craters get deep enough, the meteors create a large red explosion animation
  • Beet Commander — Create your own version of the classic arcade game Missile Command, using Pen blocks for animation.
A gameplay demo mimicking arcade classic Missile Command

Physics Games!

Looking for something easier to code? Find some fun Physics Games, too!

  • Bug Soccer — These bugs have caught soccer fever! Code this simple game yourself and get acquainted with Tynker’s Physics Blocks
Two player soccer game with bugs and a soccer ball
  • Gravity Maze — Make your own maze game. Just one trick… You control the forces of gravity!
Gravity maze gameplay demo

Find these new tutorials by logging into tynker.com, then clicking +Create Project > Block Coding from your dashboard. 

Want to make a cool coding tutorial to show the world how you made your own game? Learn how with Tynker’s Tutorial Builder!

More Cool Tynker Stuff!

Is your child thinking of making their own tutorial? If they want, they can share it with us so we can promote it in the next round of Tynker Toolbox.

Looking for more coding activities? Check out our Course Catalog. And read the rest of our free tutorials in the Tynker Toolbox series: 

  • Tynker Workshop Basics — Learn about coordinates and start coding with Tynker.
  • The Animation Tool — Learn about frame-based animation and other animation tips.
  • The Character Creator — Take control of custom rigs using the Animation blocks.
  • Text Tricks — Work with speech bubbles and more. Tell your own stories, put on a play, or make a computer write poetry!
  • The Sound Blocks — Play music with code! Add custom sound effects, too. Tynker’s brand new music tool supports MIDI and MP3. 
  • The Synth Blocks — Create your own sound effects and instruments! You can create crunchy dubstep drops, glitchy chiptunes, or instruments from any style of music you can imagine! 
  • Code Block Tricks — Get top-secret ninja tips for writing code fast in Tynker Workshop. 
  • The Pen Blocks — Make your actors draw as they move. Create patterns, draw geometric shapes, and more.
  • The Physics Blocks — Create games or simulations with gravity, collisions, and more. Think: Angry Birds and Marble Madness.
  • The Augmented Reality (AR) Blocks — Want to use video or photos in your programs? Try the AR Blocks, which let you code your own selfie! 
  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blocks — Take your AR projects to the next level with face-, hand-, and pose-tracking. Explore what makes AI special. 
  • The Debugger — Learn about Tynker’s data debugger and get bug-fixing tips.
  • The Tutorial Builder — Did you ever make a really cool Tynker Block project and wish you could teach the whole world exactly how you did it? Now you can!
  • The Python Editor — Looking for a challenge? Ready for your next step on your coding journey? Learn Python with Tynker too, and take the plunge into text-based coding. 

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code in 2022!


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