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Glowstone Blocks (formerly known as Lightstone , Brittle Gold , Brightstone , Hell's Stone or Brimstone ) are golden blocks that glow indefinitely. It can only be found naturally in The Nether , generating on the undersides of Netherrack , commonly near lava , and forms unusual coral-like stalactites. Glowstone emits a strong amount of light that is comparable to the light the torch makes.

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First Appearance Alpha 1.2.0
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes (Max 64)
Data Values Hex: 59 Dec: 89
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity Yes
Transparency No


Glowstone clusters can be found either very high, or at almost ground level in the Nether. They may be located over lava or in extremely high places, making it difficult to harvest and gain all of the dropped Glowstone Dust. Glowstone can also be obtained from villager trading.


When Glowstone is destroyed, it can drop anywhere from two to four pieces of Glowstone Dust , therefore destroying n amount of Glowstone Blocks won't necessarily mean you can make n Glowstone Blocks from the dust gathered.


Breaking this block drops Glowstone dust , which may be used to re-craft the glowstone blocks. Unlike torches, it isn't destroyed by water and continues to emit light even when submerged like Jack-O-Lantern and Sea Lanterns . Like all non-sunlight light sources, glowstone blocks will cause nearby snow and ice to melt. Glowstone itself has a crafting recipe for crafting a Redstone Lamp .


  • As of the beta 1.6.6 update, the tool used to extract Glowstone (Dust) changed from a sword, when it acted like a glass type block, to a pickaxe, as it became a stone type block. In the same update, the amount of Glowstone Dust needed to craft a Glowstone Block changed from nine to four, and the amount of Glowstone Dust dropped after destroying a Glowstone Block changed from 1 to a range of 2 to 4 (unless with the fortune enchantment). However, after 1.0.0, the tool required to destroy the block was changed back to a Sword, as the block's type was changed back from "Stone" to "Glass".
  • However, after 1.0.0, the tool required to destroy the block was changed back to a Sword, as the block's type was changed back from "Stone" to "Glass".
  • A useful tactic for reaching clusters of Glowstone Blocks that are very high up is to redirect a Ghast's fireball at it. This is only recommended if the cluster itself is over ground though, else the resulting dust could easily fall into the lava sea below.
  • Before 1.2.5, Mining Glowstone will yield Glowstone dust, but using the Silk Touch enchantment will yield a Glowstone Block.
  • The other name for Glowstone, Brimstone, is another name for pure sulfur.
  • A redstone current can be directed up and through glowstone, but not down it.
  • In Minecraft Alpha , Glowstone gave the player one piece of Glowstone Dust instead of two to four.
  • Before Minecraft Beta 1.6, Glowstone had an old crafting recipe. The player needed nine pieces of Glowstone Dust instead of four.

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