How to Mod Minecraft on your iPad

Last Updated: December 1, 2017 11:00 am
How to Mod Minecraft on your iPad

How to Mod Minecraft on your iPad

If your kids are on Minecraft, you know modding is a HUGE deal. Mind Crafters, our newest course, makes it possible to create mods on Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Since the summer of 2016, Tynker has supported modding with Minecraft: Java Edition, where you can easily build your own  Minecraft games like Tower Defense, Soccer, and Capture the Flag. Now, with our new Mind Crafters course and iOS mods for Minecraft, we bring the same thrill of Minecraft mods for iPad!

Getting Started with Modding in Tynker

To get started, all you need is the Tynker app on your iPad and, of course, Minecraft. In Tynker, under the Workshop section, you’ll see a new option to create a “New Minecraft Mod” – using this, you can create Minecraft iPad mods with code.

With a paid Tynker plan, you’ll have access to Mind Crafters, the new course that teaches all aspects of modding in 10 fun chapter lessons where you create roller coasters, spawn cities, and make games. You’ll also find fun interactive Minecraft mods for mobile tutorials in the course!



Making your first Mod

  • Under Workshop -> Minecraft Mods, select any tutorial and complete it.
  • When you press “Play,” your code is deployed to a server on Tynker.
  • Go to Minecraft and paste the “/connect …” command in the chat window
  • Your Minecraft world now connects to the code that you wrote, and the mod is active.

Make sure that you enable Cheat Codes and set your game mode to Creative.


Tynker                                                                       Minecraft


How Do You Get Mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPad? 

Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPad supports doing an iPad mod for Minecraft PE, but the installation process differs slightly from the PC version. The first step is to download a mod file from a trusted website. The mod file should be in the .mcworld format. Once the mod file is downloaded, open Minecraft on your iPad and select “Settings” from the main menu. Select “Global Resources” and then “Import” from there to import the mod file into Minecraft. After the mod is imported, it should appear in the “My Packs” section of the “Global Resources” menu.

Select the mod from the “My Packs” section to activate it. It’s important to note that not all Minecraft Pocket Edition addons or mods are compatible with Minecraft Pocket Edition iPad. Be sure to check the mod’s compatibility before downloading. Additionally, some mods may require a specific version of Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPad, so make sure the mod is compatible with your version of the game. With these steps, you can add mods to Minecraft Pocket Edition on your iPad and enhance your gameplay experience.

The Mind Crafters Course

Mind Crafters has 10 chapters with distinct objectives. Kids learn the basic commands through coding puzzles, then move on to deploying their first mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They will switch between Tynker and Minecraft as they try out their code in Minecraft. In Cityscape, Railway System, and Underground Explorer, young coders create different types of infrastructure within Minecraft. In addition to learning how to create new structures programmatically within their Minecraft worlds, kids naturally learn programming concepts as they play.


Add-Ons for Minecraft PE

Tynker’s new Minecraft Editor also makes it easy to create Add-Ons in minutes! The add-on editor is not yet available in the app, but you can use it from your PC or Mac. Minecraft Add-Ons, like Minecraft mods, allow you to customize your Minecraft mobs by changing their behaviors and properties. You can even get free MC PE iOS add-ons. Do you want a 100-foot chicken that spits fireballs at creepers? You can create it. Need a balloon bouquet of rainbow colored pigs? You can do that, too! See what the community has built here.

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