Tynker’s School Curriculum is Now Available on iPad!

Tynker’s School Curriculum is Now Available on iPad!
Last Updated: November 30, 2017 1:47 pm

Tynker’s School Curriculum is Now Available on iPad!

Great news – Tynker’s full-fledged curriculum is now on iPad! With integration of Swift Programming language from Apple, Tynker’s iPad coding curriculum makes it easy for educators to introduce students to coding on a tablet. Learn more in our video overview: 



Introduction to Swift

To better prepare students to use Swift Playgrounds from Apple, all Tynker puzzles on the iPad have Swift Programming baked in. Now students as young as kindergarten are introduced to Swift! This is an important piece of building schema in computational thinking, and it transitions students into text coding with ease.


Comprehensive Coding Courses

Our popular coding courses – Programming 101, 102, 201, and 202 – are now all accessible on and optimized for the iPad. That means you can touch, tilt, and maximize the abilities of the iPad during Tynker lessons! It also means you can code these functions into your projects to make amazing mobile apps. 


Dozens of STEM Lessons

Now that our STEM lessons are on iPad, kids can create book reports, model plant cells, and create presentations – all with code! With a few weeks of Tynker under their belt, students can easily apply their coding skills in any subject with one of our dozens of STEM coding lessons. See for yourself! 


Drones, Robotics, LEGO – and Mastery! 

Tynker’s curriculum is designed to go beyond engagement and push students into mastery. With STEM and coding courses available on iPad, you’ll never run out of content. And with our Drones and LEGO courses, you’ll be able to take coding into the real world by commanding Parrot Mini Drones and WeDo robots! 

Great for 1:1 iPad Schools

If your school or district is ready to take coding to the next level, Tynker’s coursework is exactly what you need! Ensure your students don’t miss the opportunity to make coding an everyday part of their learning. Get students coding on iPad today!

Want to see what Tynker can do for your iPad school? 

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