What’s New for Hour of Code 2015

What’s New for Hour of Code 2015
Last Updated: November 12, 2015 2:03 am

What’s New for Hour of Code 2015

Inspire your students to express their creativity through programming! This year, Tynker has many new activities for the Hour of Code, including new coding puzzle sets and do-it-yourself projects with guided instructions.

You can access a teacher planning guide for each activity by signing into your Tynker teacher account.

Puzzle Sets

Students practice computational thinking and learn all the basics that they’ll need to start creating their own projects.

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  • Monster High Scavenger Hunt – Solve a set of 20 coding puzzles to guide Monster High characters through a spooky scavenger hunt.
  • Hot Wheels Obstacle Course – Guide a Hot Wheels car through 20 tracks by programming the car’s movement.
  • Code Commander – Complete 18 coding puzzles to program the attack logic of each member of your army and defeat the invading goblins.
  • Code Monsters – Capture monsters and learn how to program them by solving 20 coding puzzles.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

DIY projects allow students to apply the coding skills they’ve learned in the puzzles to create custom versions of fun art programs, storytelling projects, and games

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STEM Coding Projects

These three STEM projects allow you to bring coding into other subject areas to deepen students’ understanding and promote cross-curricular learning.

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  • Interactive Ecological Pyramid – Add plants and animals to create an interactive ecological pyramid while thinking about interactions within an ecosystem.
  • Solar System Simulation – Create a moving model of the Solar System and add information about the planets and the Sun.
  • Analog Clock – Create a working analog clock. This project allows students to creatively apply math concepts.

Tablets and Connected Toys

If your class has tablets, simply download our mobile app to complete an Hour of Code. If your class has a Parrot Mini Drone, a Sphere, or an Ollie, students can use the Tynker mobile app to control it. They can program connected toys to perform tricks and even solve mazes. Check out our Hour of Code page to see all of Tynker’s programming activities.

How to Get Started

Most of the Hour of Code 2015 activities are already live and available to assign to your students.

  • Already have a teacher account? Just assign activities to your students from the teacher dashboard.
  • Don’t have a teacher account? Easily sign up for a free account to add students, assign lessons, access answer keys and teacher guides, monitor students’ progress, and create class showcases.

We’re so excited to see what your students will create!

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