Meet Tynker Makers: The Young Minds Behind Tynker’s Coding Revolution

Last Updated: August 25, 2023 2:27 pm
Meet Tynker Makers: The Young Minds Behind Tynker’s Coding Revolution

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Potential: How Tynker is Revolutionizing Coding Education for Kids Worldwide

In a world where technological prowess has become a cornerstone of success, teaching kids to code has never been more essential. However, many often considered coding a complicated task reserved for tech enthusiasts. Enter Tynker, the game-changer in the world of coding education.

Tynker’s job is to equip every child with a formidable foundation in computer science, programming, and critical thinking skills. We envision a future where the magic of formal coding education has touched every high school graduate. Tynker’s impact has been nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to their pioneering efforts, over 100 million children worldwide have delved into the world of coding. And 150,000 schools around the globe have incorporated Tynker’s award-winning curriculum into their teaching modules.

Why is Tynker so focused? The answer lies in the data. Jobs requiring technical skills are multiplying and are expected to outpace overall job growth by nearly 300 times by 2031. However, only half of US students have access to coding education, with just a fraction enrolled. As we approach this technological renaissance, coding proficiency will be essential for a successful career.

What makes Tynker different in education is that it offers a holistic e-learning experience with a wide range of courses, apps, and lessons bundled with coaching from their coding coaches. This hybrid online approach ensures effective and exhilarating learning.

The bottom line? If you’ve ever considered giving your child a competitive edge in school and life, Tynker is the golden ticket. The Tynker platform offers an enjoyable and proven way to introduce children to coding with exceptional results. In this article, you will meet some remarkable kids who have used Tynker to create unique projects and discover how your child can join them on this adventure.

Now, if you’re wondering whether coding suits your child, these young coders will show you that if they can do it, any kid can.

Meet Tynker Maker: Aditya

Aditya is 8 years old and loves to code. His favorite subjects in school are Math, Reading and Writing. His dad introduced him to Tynker and he has been coding for over a year. 

We asked Aditya : Do you think other kids should try coding? 

“I think they should because they can find if they like it or not. I mean, I bet they will have an  interest in it just like I do… I bet they will love it.”

Meet Tynker Maker: Henry

Henry is 9 years old and is from New Zealand. He loves Minecraft and even made a diamond hammer. He learned how to use the community in Tynker to help him create his own ideas. His mom introduced him to Tynker. 

We asked Henry: Why do you like to code?

“Well, it’s fun and relaxing, and it gives me an excuse to have more Minecraft time.”

Meet Tynker Maker: Sebastian

Sebastian is 10 years old. He likes to build legos with his siblings. He would like to be game designer when he grows up.

We asked Sebastian: What’s the best thing about Tynker?

I think it is the code because I actually recently figured out that you could code the Minecraft Mobs too. So that’s probably going to be my favorite because I like creating custom Minecraft mobs and custom characters.”

Meet Tynker Maker: Pranathi

Pranathi is 11 years old. She likes to draw and play the clarinet. When she grows up she would like to be a scientist or an interior designer. She loves English because she enjoys stories and is introduced to new things. 

We asked Pranathi: How did you get introduced to Tynker and how long have you been coding? 

“Well, it’s been a while now. I remember I started coding since I was younger. I started with Scratch and then I started working my way up to Python, JavaScript, and HTML CSS.”

Meet Tynker Maker: Sadie

Sadie is 12 years old. She would like to be an animator or someone who makes graphic novels. She was introduced to Tynker in school. She’s been coding for about a year. 

We asked Sadie: How did you learn how to use Tynker when you were first starting out? What are your favorite Tynker courses or tutorials?

“I used a lot of the tutorials they had but I mostly remixed the projects in the community and I watched some videos online.”

Meet Tynker Maker: Aika

Aika is 14 and lives in Massachusetts.. She likes to do Math for fun, and would love to be a Mathematician or physicist. 

We asked Aika: What’s the best thing about Tynker?

I think the best thing is that it can suit anybody because there’s so many pathways to choose. There’s block space coding in these projects, but also there’s Python and HTML. So no matter where your skill level and interest, you can always find a path there.

In closing, the stories of these young coders provide a glimpse into the exciting world of coding through the lens of Tynker. Their interviews reveal not only their enthusiasm and creativity but also the tangible benefits of learning to code early on. With Tynker by their side, your child can embark on a similar journey, discovering the joy of problem-solving and unleashing their imagination. So, take that first step and watch as your child’s coding adventure unfolds, opening doors to endless opportunities ahead.

Check out Tynker’s Curriculum and learn more about inspiring the next generation to change the world through code.

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