One Million Participants by Day Two!

One Million Participants by Day Two!

A big thank you to all teachers, parents, and children who completed an Hour of Code on Tynker!

Tynker Hour of Code 1 Million Participants

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We leave you with a sample of what people have been saying, and sharing, about Tynker’s Hour of Code..

“LOVE< LOVE<LOVE!! We at Skyline Vista are having a terrific time this week practicing code. Staff is seeing the benefit of other applications while we practice code. It may improve scores! Thank you all for the time and hard work to let us experience CODE!” – Johancen Callae, Teacher, CO

“We LOVE Tynker and are looking forward to including it in our curriculum next semester…..Thanks for providing this awesome resource!!” – Holly Donovan, Teacher, TX

“We are going to use Tynker as a follow up club for kids that are interested after participating in the hour of code. I just had my first group of 6th graders coding – Instant engagement! Love it (plus now I am a teacher hero). Thank you for the wonderful resources. It will be great for our kids.” Paula Pletcher, Teacher, IN

“My students loved using the tynker website during the Hour of Code!… The Hour of Code worked perfectly for me to implement in the short period of time that I see students. Thank you for providing the programs to use.” – Theresa McCoy, Teacher, MN

“Thank you and your company for the wonderful tutorials in Tynker. We are using them in grades 1-5 today. . .we will continue to use them after our Hour of Code is complete. Students enjoy the challenges so much and I am so happy to observe computational thinking developing along with cooperative “play” work going on among my students.” – Lynn Gagnon, Teacher, OH

“We have been having a blast with the hour of code!!!!! Today I will have 125 students work on Tynker…. They really seem to like the sketch racer” – James Salvant, Teacher, AL

“My 5th graders loved using the site today. In a few minutes, they were able to use the site independently. We talked about coding and the types of jobs that use coding. I tried to make it interesting by talking about cryptography and how they could work for the CIA. Next week we’re going to upload pictures of them to use as Sprites for their projects. The class and I look forward to using the site throughout the year.” – Carole Walsh, Teacher, NY

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.


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