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A snowball is an item that can be obtained by shoveling snow from either dead snow golems or by destroying snow blocks . Snowballs can be placed in stacks of 16. They're a throwable item that do not harm mobs except for 3 HP per snowball to blazes and 1 HP per snowball to the Enderdragon .They can also be crafted into snow blocks which then can be crafted into snow covers.

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Type Tool; Item; Weapon
Stackable? Yes
Data Values Hex: hex: 14C Dec: dec: 332


The snowball is especially useful against Blazes, as the snowball can knock a blaze out with seven hits. They are also useful to knock any mob off cliffs or into a trap, as well as players, as snowballs have a knockback equivalent to Knockback | on a sword .

Use in PvP

Snowballs have a dual use in PvP combat situations; they can be used to keep enemies at many meters length, and can quickly break or wear down armor, unless it is enchanted with Unbreaking.


  • Like arrows , chicken eggs , fire charges and spawn eggs , snowballs can be fired from Dispensers .
  • Snowballs are the projectile of a snow golem, offering no effect except for knockback (again, Blazes and the Ender Dragon are exceptions).
  • Snowballs burn when thrown through lava but are not destroyed.
  • There is a glitch were, sometimes, Snowballs can pass through solid blocks.

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