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potato baked Minecraft Item

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A Potato is a farmable food source, where in the uncooked state, it will replenish 0.5 hunger . Released in the 1.4 update , it is one of the five crops that grows in tilled farm-land. Potatoes have three states: Raw Potato, Baked Potato , and Poisonous Potato .

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Type Food
Stackable? yes
First Appearance 1.4.2 (12w34a)
Data Values Hex: 188 Dec: 392


Potatoes grow in the village farm and, rarely, they are dropped by zombies. Farmer villagers might give you an emerald for 35-40 potatoes. They can be cooked in the Furnace to make a Baked Potato .


  • As of 1.9, potatoes can be used to breed pigs.

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