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Leather is an item that was added in Alpha Release along with the introduction of Cows . Leather armor is the weakest armor, but is the easiest to make for a starter set, due to leather being easily obtainable by killing cows. It can be acquired by killing cows, which may drop 0-2 pieces of leather upon death with or without a weapon. However, attacking a cow without a weapon will reduce the chance of dropping leather.Leather can also be used (as of the 1.3 update) to craft books. 24 pieces are required to craft the full set of armor, and 1 leather and 3 paper are required to craft books . In the 1.4 update, leather can be used to make an item frame. An item frame can be crafted with a leather in the middle, surrounded by sticks.

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Type Raw material
Uses Crafting
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance Alpha 1.0.8 (July 20, 2010)
Data Values Hex: 14E Dec: 334


Leather is featured in the "Cow Tipper" achievement .


Leather is commonly used to make armor, or books. However, leather armor has the least durability and resistance. Notably, leather armor can be dyed by the player by putting it in a crafting table.


  • After Secret Friday 8 , chickens would drop leather if killed by fire or fall damage, although it has since been fixed (Also, chickens no longer take damage from falling).
  • Saddles have the texture and color of leather, but are not crafted by it as they can only be acquired from chests in dungeons.
  • In Indev 0.31, examination of the items.png file reveals there was a planned Leather- Chain armor. However, it was never implemented and with the addition of Gold armor it has since been made redundant. The only thing that remains in the current versions of Minecraft is the tunic texture.
  • After the 0.7.2 update of Minecraft Pocket Edition , cows now drop leather upon death.
  • Leather is the only armor that can be dyed. The current items.png. Note the Leather-Chain armor in the bottom right.

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