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Horse Armor is an item that appeared in the 1.6 update. Horse armor is used to protect the player's horse from taking damage as they would do for themselves. Horse armor was previously crafted from iron, diamond, or gold, along with any color wool. Horse armor can currently only be found in generated chests particularly those of dungeons. Horse armour can also be obtained by trading with a villager , however, horse armor can't be crafted.

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Horse Armor


There are three types of horse armor, those being iron, gold and diamond. Horse armor does not break over time like most tools. Even though gold is the worst in tools because of its low durability, gold horse armor is actually a bit better than iron horse armor, it provides more protection and is much rarer. Diamond is still the best for protection when it comes to horse armor.

Natural occurence

Horse armor can be found naturally in dungeon chests, blacksmith chests, Nether Fortress chests, and Abandoned Mineshafts .

Protection values

Iron horse armor- 20%

Gold armor- 28%

Diamond horse armor- 44%


  • Despite regular armor protection values, gold horse armor will protect the horse by a bit more than iron horse armor would.
  • Unlike regular armor, horse armor cannot be enchanted.
  • If a horse dies while wearing armor, the armor will drop as an item.

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