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Gold Ingots (also known as gold bars) are ingots obtained by the smelting of Gold Ore , finding them in Dungeon , Temple and Stronghold Chests , or by being dropped from a Zombie Pigman as a rare drop. Gold Ingots are used to craft Clocks , Gold Nuggets , Powered Rails , Armor or Tools .

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Gold Ingot

Type Raw Material
Uses N/A
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance Indev 0.31
Data Values Hex: 10A Dec: 266


The gold ingot can be primarily obtained by the smelting of Gold Ore found while mining . However, they can also be found in Dungeon and Stronghold Chests or dropped from a Zombie Pigman . They can also be made from Golden Nuggets, also dropped from Zombie Pigmen (it takes 9 Gold nuggets to create a Gold ingot).

As a Crafting Ingredient

Gold can also be used to make Armor and Tools .

Gold equipment is typically impractical as it has a pathetic 33 durability and can mine everything wooden tools can mine. However, gold tools are the fastest diggers of all tools, and as such may be useful if one is in a hurry and has plenty of gold. Gold Tools/Swords/Armor also tend to receive better enchantments than their counterparts. All gold tools have better block breaking rates than their counterparts. The Gold Sword has the same damage value as a wooden sword, and has the lowest durability.

Zombie Pigmen are equipped with Gold Swords in The Nether .

Gold is used for crafting tools and armor. The main use for gold in the Pocket Edition is to make the Nether Reactor structure. It requires 36 ingots (all crafted into blocks).


  • Before Beta 1.2, gold tools had both low speed and durability. Currently, gold tools have a higher speed than Diamond and can break blocks about twice as fast as wood tools.
  • Debatably, gold tools are less efficient than wooden tools. While gold tools have a high efficiency (speed), they can only mine the same things wooden tools can. Gold is also very rare, making tools would be a big waste of it. Especially a hoe and a sword , as they stand less advantage over wood in all ways.

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