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The shovel is a tool used in Minecraft to quickly destroy blocks of dirt , sand , gravel , snow , and grass . The type of block which was destroyed by the shovel will be left on the ground for the player to pick up. It is not a requirement to make a shovel to progress in the game. Their only use is to destroy some blocks faster than with bare hands.All shovels degrade as they are used for their intended purpose. However, a shovel will lose Durability at twice the rate if it is used to attack Mobs . Shovels made with better materials will last longer.Shovels can be crafted out of the following materials (in order of lowest, to highest Durability):

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Type Tool
Uses Wood: 60 Stone: 132 Iron: 251 Gold: 33 Diamond: 1562
Stackable? No
Data Values Hex: Wooden: 10D Stone: 111 Iron: 100 Gold: 11C Diamond: 115 Dec: Wooden: 269 Stone: 273 Iron: 256 Gold: 284 Diamond: 277


Place two sticks vertically, with either Wood , Stone , Iron , Gold or Diamond on the top.


  • Shovels are used to acquire snowballs.
  • The main purpose of the shovel is to speed up the mining process of Dirt, Gravel, Sand, soul sand, Etc.
  • Golden Shovels are important for many multiplayer servers for the use of claiming land in the new Land Claims feature.
  • Zombies can rarely spawn holding an iron shovel.
  • Shovels don't make good weapons.
  • A diamond shovel has damage equivalent to that of a wooden or golden sword.
  • Wooden shovels are used as "paddles" to steer boats in Pocket Edition.
  • Shovels are used to make Grass Paths .

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