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The Hoe is a tool used for farming . When the player right-clicks Dirt or Grass , the hoe plows that block , so you can plant seeds to grow Wheat , Melons , Pumpkins and other plants/food.

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Type Tool
Uses Wood: 60 Stone: 132 Iron: 251 Gold: 33 Diamond: 1562
Stackable? No
Data Values Hex: Wooden: 122 Stone: 123 Iron: 124 Gold: 126 Diamond: 125 Dec: Wooden: 290 Stone: 291 Iron: 292 Gold: 294 Diamond: 293


The hoe is used to turn dirt and grass blocks into farmland for producing (growing) wheat, melons or pumpkins . There is a myth that gold hoes instantly create fertile (watered) farmland, but this is not true. When dirt is tilled by a Water source block, any tilled dirt at least 4 blocks away will become fertile (again, watered) this factor can be used to make very efficient gardens. To do so, put a source block in the ground and till the dirt 4 blocks on each side and make a "cube" of tilled dirt then till all the remaining dirt. Doing this will make all the dirt fertile, making crops grow much faster, and produce more crops. Unlike other Tools , hoes do not increase damage dealt in combat, nor do they lose Durability when used to hit a mob.

Note:tilled dirt turns into normal dirt if you jump on it or if water gets on it.


  • Prior to Beta 1.2, there was a glitch that placing a dirt block under any block, tilling the dirt, and planting a seed on it would cause the block above to disappear without yielding any blocks.
  • Prior to Minecraft Version 1.6, this tool was also used to collect seeds from grass blocks. This feature of the hoe is now redundant because of the addition of tall grass .
  • The hoe is regarded as one of the most useless tools (with exception of when a player is farming) as it has the capability to be formed from any material ( Iron , Gold , Diamond , etc.) but these offer no real advantages over the simple wooden version. Therefore, hoes made from difficult-to-find materials are usually utilized as a "good luck charms" or decoration when not in use. This also made the saying "don't waste your diamonds on a hoe". The different versions only give durability differences.
  • The hoe is one of the only tools that can't be enchanted The other being Flint and Steel .
  • Due to the fact that once a garden is made a hoe isn't used that much, one hoe of any type can last the player quite a long time.

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