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Cookies are a food item introduced in PC Beta 1.4 and 0.9.0, Pocket Edition 0.9.0, and the first versions of the Console Editions. Cookies restore one when eaten. It was hard to obtain until 1.3 was released and Cocoa Beans , one of the ingredients, became a lot easier to find.Using the crafting recipe just once will give eight cookies, making it possible to heal eight in a single batch.

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Hunger Replenished Hunger
Cookable? No
Stackable? Yes
Data Values Hex: 165 Dec: 357


  • Can be made into 8 cookies in just one cocoa bean and two stalks of wheat.
  • Cocoa beans are easy to find when in a jungle.
  • Wheat is easy to grow and their seeds are easily found.
  • They are renewable.


  • They only restore 0.4 saturation points.
  • Wheat requires time to grow.
  • If you are not close to a jungle and do not have a cocoa bean farm, cocoa beans are not readily available.


  • Cookies were the only stackable food when at the time of their introduction in Beta 1.4.
  • As of 1.3.1, Cookies are now easier to make because of Cocoa Bean's farming mechanics.
  • Cookies can sometimes be obtained from Trading with Villagers.

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