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chorus fruit popped Minecraft Item

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Chorus Fruit is a food item found in The End as of The Combat Update . It is not found on the main End island, but rather in the End City islands. It acts just as a Cactus does in Minecraft: when the bottom block of the chorus plant is mined, everything atop it is collected as well. When eaten, the chorus fruit gives the player 4 hunger points, as well as teleport the player in a pattern much like the Enderman 's.There is about a 2-second delay the player must take before attempting to use the chorus fruit again. Smelting the chorus fruit will result in a Popped Chorus Fruit , and can be smelted with any usable type of fuel.

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Chorus Fruit

Hunger Replenished Hunger
Obtained by Killing Chorus Plants
Cookable? No
Stackable? Yes

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