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Carrots are a food item in Minecraft , added in update 1.4.2 and restore per carrot eaten. Carrots can be acquired from NPC Villages or rarely Zombies . When planted they grow much like Wheat . Unlike wheat, however, they grow only through four stages instead of wheat's eight stages. They can also be fully grown via Bonemeal , much like other crops. Using carrots on Pigs or Rabbits will activate their Love Mode . They can be crafted into a handful of things, including Carrot on a Stick and Golden Carrots .

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Community Remixes

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Hunger Replenished Hunger
Obtained by Zombies and Villager's farms
Cookable? No
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance 12w34a (1.4)
Data Values Hex: 187 Dec: 391


  • Carrots are less space-consuming than a large field of Wheat crops, and to have over a full stack of Carrots may only require as few as a 6x4 plot compared to Bread , which requires a 1x3 space for one piece of Bread.
  • Carrots have a higher saturation level than most other crops.
  • Carrots are used to breed Pigs , and Chickens , as technically, Carrots are a seed. However, Chickens will not follow you if you are equipped with a carrot.
  • Carrots do not require crafting or cooking to get the most out of them.


  • Carrots can be hard to come by, especially in pre-1.4.2 worlds as they are only found in NPC Villages which are not very common or as a rare drop from Zombies .


  • Carrots had an old texture before 1.4, and were originally called "Carrots". The name was later changed to "Carrot" and the texture was changed to a single carrot.
  • Carrots and Wheat look identical on their first stage.
  • Carrots can commonly be found in Villages .
  • As of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.8.1, Carrots may not fully grow with Bone Meal. This is yet to be fixed.

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