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bucket milk Minecraft Item

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A Bucket is a tool crafted by using a crafting table and requires 3 Iron Ingots . It can be used to hold water , lava , or milk , which can then be consumed (milk only), or spilled to make a pool (water and lava only).

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Type Tools
Uses N/A
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance Infdev (June 15, 2010)
Data Values Hex: 145 Dec: 325


The main use of the bucket is to obtain liquids; mostly water , which is necessary for farming . Keeping some water while mining can guard you from lava. Water cannot yet be drunk unless put into Glass Bottles .

Buckets can also hold lava , which can be used in mob traps and creating useful resources like obsidian and cobblestone . Milk , also holdable in buckets, can cure all effects (e.g. Food Poisoning, Swiftness, Wither) and can be used to make Cakes . All liquids are obtained simply right clicking on the source of liquid, a cow in the case of milk.


  • A bucket can be filled with lava and be completely fine. However, if a bucket is thrown into lava, it is destroyed.
  • Even though not quite as obvious, a bucket can be used as a griefing tool on servers (as they can be used to pick up/place water and lava). For this reason, several servers ban this item.



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