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The Block of Quartz is a block added in 1.5 (released in Snapshot 13w01a.) that can be made from four pieces of Nether Quartz and 0.6.0 for the Pocket Edition. A block of quartz currently has no use other than for decoration or use in building. It can be used as a white substitute to wool in building (it will not burn).

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Block of Quartz

First Appearance 13w01a (PC), 0.6.0 (PE)
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used Pickaxe
Data Values Hex: 9B Dec: 155
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No


Nether Quartz blocks can be crafted and used to craft other items


  • Quartz was the only block that was in both PC and Pocket Edition but not in Xbox 360 edition until the latest update.
  • It is similar to Sandstone and Stone Bricks because of its many varieties (Chiseled, Pillar etc.).
  • Unlike the Block of Iron , Block of Gold , Block of Diamond , Block of Redstone , and Block of Emerald , the block of quartz is crafted with four Nether Quartz instead of nine.

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