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Blocks of Gold (also known as Gold Block ) are Blocks made up of Gold Ingots . They do appear in normally generated maps in Ocean Monuments , where eight of them can be found. Gold Ingots can be obtained by smelting Gold Ore , and as a rare drop for killing Zombie Pigmen in The Nether .Blocks of Gold can be crafted by placing 9 Gold Ingots with a Crafting Table , and can then be crafted back into 9 Gold Ingots again, making them more useful as storage blocks. 8 Blocks of Gold and an Apple are needed to make a Golden Apple . However, it is possible to make a less-useful Golden Apple with Gold Ingots instead, by turning one Block of Gold into nine Gold Ingots.

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Block of Gold

First Appearance
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used IPickaxegraphic
Data Values Hex: 29 Dec: 41
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No


Gold is susceptible to destruction from TNT , and only requires approximately 3 seconds to mine successfully. As with most mineral blocks, an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe is required.


  • The Block of Gold's texture was different when it debuted. The texture was changed from the Survival 0.26 update to the current texture in the Halloween Update .
  • Gold is the densest material that exists in the Minecraft world, with a density of approximately 19.3 g/cm^3.
  • Since a full Block in Minecraft measures exactly 1 cubic meter, if The player carries 64 Blocks of Gold in each slot of their inventory and hotbar, the player will be bearing a load of approximately 44,467,200 kilograms, not including themself nor their Gold Armor . the player would be carrying 355,737,600 kilograms if their inventory were filled with Enchanted Golden Apples.

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