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Cobblestone , the cracked product of mined Stone , is one of the most common Blocks in Minecraft , being found either by mining ordinary stone, or in dungeons that have been generated by the game, along with Moss Stone . It can also be found in strongholds, villages, and jungle temples. Cobblestone doesn't have physics applied to it, so it makes a very good construction material and is used to craft a Furnace . It can be smelted in a furnace to turn it back into Stone . Once Cobblestone is smelted, it becomes considerably weaker than it was before.

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Community Remixes

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First Appearance Classic Pre 0.0.9a
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used Wpickaxe
Data Values Hex: 04 Dec: 04
Blast Resistance 30
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No


Cobblestone is mostly used for creating Furnaces and building shelter. Cobblestone can also be used for Tools , such as Pickaxes , Axes , Shovels , etc. Cobblestone is also used for some weapons, such as Swords . The material is also very blast resistant, being one of the easiest blast-resistant materials to obtain.


  • When flowing Water and flowing Lava meet, they create Cobblestone, allowing Players an infinite supply of Cobblestone, assuming the Lava and Water source blocks aren't blocked off or removed.
  • Cobblestone is used in 17 diferent crafting recipes.
  • Cobblestone is resistant to Ghast fireballs, making it useful for guarding Portals .
  • Cobblestone was actually introduced before Stone was.
  • In past versions, Cobblestone had a lighter texture to it.
  • Cobblestone is one of the few blocks obtained by mining a different block, Stone, in this case.
  • End Stone is a color invert of Cobblestone.
  • If Stone is mined with a Pickaxe with the Silk Touch Enchantment , it will give you regular Stone instead of Cobblestone.
  • Cobblestone is the first ever block to be added in Minecraft being added in the first version of Minecraft Pre-Classic.
  • The original Cobblestone texture was taken from one of Notch's previous games, Ruby Dung.



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