Cool Tynker Community Galleries

Last Updated: June 16, 2023 10:16 am
Cool Tynker Community Galleries

Do you ever open up Tynker and wonder what to make next with block code? Or just need some project inspiration? Check out the endlessly inspiring Tynker Community.

Here are just a few of our favorite galleries on the Tynker Community, filled with cool projects invented by creative kids just like you. Wondering how the code in a project works? You can REMIX any Tynker project to look inside and see exactly how the creator achieved the effect. 

Make a cool coding project you’re proud of? Don’t forget to PUBLISH it yourself so others can see what you’ve created!

Cool Games — Play dozens of inspiring arcade games from Tynker’s community. Just make sure to get back to coding your own games afterwards! 

Dress Up and Salon — Find your fit. Get fierce! Look fine with these fun fashion games. Slay! 

Cool Artwork — Take inspiration from these amazing artists.

Movies and Animations — Control characters to make a movie or animation! Learn how frame-based animation works and create your own. 

Space Projects — Explore the great beyond with these cosmic projects!

Soundboards and Music — Make a racket with computer code! Use Tynker’s Sound blocks and the Synth blocks, too!

Learn Something — Need a project idea? How about making an educational project like these? Teach the world whatever you know best. 

Cooking Games — Try cloning a classic game like Overcooked or Burger Time!

Augmented Reality — Find AR projects that use the webcam to create amazing interactive effects! Think: Fruit Ninja and virtual Ping Pong! Find out how the AR Blocks work here. 

Visual Arts — Check out these drawing and 3D art apps, created with just block code!

Favorite Minecraft Stuff — Cool custom Minecraft skins, mobs, and more! Give your Minecraft world a whole new look — transform your Endermen into ballerinas! Or whatever you like! Explore Tynker’s Minecraft tools. 

Chibis and Cuties — Check out these totally kawaii projects that take cute to the next level! 

Funny!!! — Projects that make you laugh. Tell a joke or just goof around. 

Pen Block Magic — These amazing Game Jam winners use Tynker’s Pen Blocks, with a limit of only 20 blocks total. Can you create your own amazing patterns and design? Get some ideas here. 

Minigames — Invent simple games! Use Tynker’s low-code Minigame Makers!  

Stories — Storytelling, animated movies, and fairy tales! Explore animation tips on Tynker. 

Clicker Games — Recreate the classic time-waster Cookie Clicker! Add your own custom theme and create an upgrade shop. 

Arcade — Find inspiring projects from the developers at Tynker. 

Fractals — Geek out with fractals! Remix these projects to look inside! Can you invent your own? 

Game Kits — Can you take these starter projects and improve them? Add new powerups, bad guys, or reskin them entirely!

Graphic Effects — Try out Tynker’s “graphics effects” blocks to change your Actors’ appearance fast! These demo projects show how it works.

Sports Games — Find amazing sports-themed games like Boxing and Olympic Rowing!

Make A Gallery of Projects Yourself!

Did you know that you can make your own Gallery of projects, too? Gather all of your own favorite Tynker projects together — or find the best of the entire community! It’s all up to you. Here’s how. 

Step 1. Login at

Step 2. Create a Gallery. Visit the Community tab, then click Galleries > Create New Gallery. Give your new gallery a name and upload an image. 

Step 3. Add Projects. You can add any published project to a Gallery! Find “Add to Gallery” in the triple dot (⋮) menu. 

Step 4. Wait for Approval. It might take a day or two for your Gallery to be approved by Tynker’s moderation team. Just like Tynker projects, galleries are approved by a real-life human who makes sure that everything in the Tynker community is kid-safe. You’ll be notified when your gallery is approved. In the meantime, you can add more published projects to your gallery to get things going! Find all of your galleries at this link.

We can’t wait to see what you create! 

Check out Tynker’s Curriculum and learn more about inspiring the next generation to change the world through code.

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Tyler Ortman is an editor at Tynker specializing in STEM resources for young readers. He is the editor behind dozens of best-selling educational books, including Code These Games, Tynker Toolbox, Code These Minecraft Mods, Teach Your Kids to Code, Super Scratch Programming Adventure, The Manga Guide to Science series, and Automate The Boring Stuff with Python. He lives in San Francisco.