Unleash Your Creativity: Build Mini Games with Code!

Last Updated: June 12, 2023 9:48 am
Unleash Your Creativity: Build Mini Games with Code!

Imagine you have the magic power to create your own mini games. You can decide how the characters move, what they look like, and what happens when you win or lose. 

Well, you don’t have to imagine…. that’s exactly what coding and computer science lets you do!

In this article, we’ll explore some ways to get started playing games on Tynker — and resources that let you invent your own games too. 

Of course, computer science isn’t only for creating video games. Coding is all around us! When you use your tablet, computer, or phone, you’re seeing the amazing results of what programmers can do with computer science. Coding can make amazing animated movies and cool robots come to life, too. 

Learning computer science is like solving puzzles and being a detective. You’ll become really good at discovering problems and finding smart ways to fix them. That’s a superpower that can help you in school, in jobs, and in life!

Game Ideas for First Timers

Wondering what to make with block code like Tynker, MakeCode, or Scratch? Get some game ideas that are perfect for beginners.

Remember: Start small, especially for your first couple of original projects. It’s so much more satisfying to create a small but functional project you’re proud to share — compared to a never-ending, “nightmare” project you can never get working. Classic arcade games and simple mobile games are the perfect inspiration. 

If you’re looking for a coding challenge, you can explore game ideas to make in Python, too! Tynker has plenty of Python tutorials and coursework available to help you on your journey.

Looking for an activity book to use with your afterschool group or together with your children? Try Code These Games from Tynker, which is packed with step-by-step instructions for inventing 15 amazing games with Tynker’s block code. Unlock Tynker ebooks by spending coins earned completing Daily Missions. You can find and unlock Code These Games in your Tynker Award Shop

Code These Games Front cover

Cool Community Inspiration

What happens when millions of creative kids come together and share their work? Explore some of our favorite galleries from Tynker’s Creative Coding Community

Cool Community Games — Explore dozens of inspiring games from Tynker’s community, from coders like you, all around the world. Make something cool? Don’t forget to Publish it and share it!

Tynker Minigames — Invent simple games on your own! Use Tynker’s low-code Minigame Makers!  

Tynker Arcade — Find inspiring projects from the developers at Tynker. 

Tynker Gamekits — Can you take these starter projects and improve them? Add new powerups, bad guys, or reskin them entirely!

Cool Sports Games — Find amazing sports-themed games like Boxing and Olympic Rowing!

Animated sports players in a minigame

Learn by Modifying

Modding an existing Tynker game is a great way to wrap your head around computer coding. If you find something cool in the Tynker community, you can REMIX it to see exactly how it was created. 

Once you understand how the basic game logic works, you can try extending the game with projects like: 

  • Polish the animations and character movement
  • Add a game menu, tutorial, or credit screen
  • Invent more levels or difficulty modes
  • Add new game elements like powerups, bad guys, and boss battles

When it comes to game development, or really any kind of computer coding, the key is to start small. Write and test your code feature-by-feature. Once you have something working how you like, add to it! Make sure to stop and give yourself breaks, too. 

Struggling with bugs? Read more about debugging and Tynker’s data debugger. 

Create Minecraft Minigames

If you want to take total control of your Minecraft world, you need to learn to write Mods. Mods are short programs that change your Minecraft world. 

Minigame Minecraft mods logo

The creators of Minecraft have taken community modding to a whole new level: It’s simple and powerful with Tynker. Let’s explore. 

Minecraft Project Ideas

Wondering why you might code your own Minecraft mod? You can do stuff like this:

Give yourself gear or blocks — and player effects, like Slow Falling or a Super Jump ability

Construct stuff incredibly fast! Make an golden railway as long as you like, and travel in comfort and style 

Change the Minecraft rules themselves and make it something all-new! Think: multiplayer games like Spleef Classic, Top Miner, and Banana Race.

Tynker’s Game Design Courses

Find a complete list of Tynker’s Game Design courses. These kid-friendly courses all use Tynker’s block code.  You’ll make plenty of games if you follow My Coding Path, too. 

You’ll also find dozens of Minecraft tutorials and courses in your Student Dashboard, too. Explore how to mod Minecraft and make your own amazing Minecraft minigames! 

And you can even make games using Python, a coding language used by millions of professionals every day! Explore Tynker’s Python Coding Path for a guided tour. You’ll make amazing games like Tetris and Snake, and then put your own twist on things!

Check out Tynker’s Curriculum and learn more about inspiring the next generation to change the world through code.

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