Prevent Summer Slide with FREE Summer Code Fest Projects

Last Updated: June 7, 2024 8:52 am
Prevent Summer Slide with FREE Summer Code Fest Projects
Prevent Summer Slide for Kids with FREE Coding Projects from Tynker's Summer Code Fest

The shift from structured classrooms to a relaxed vacation pace as summer nears can lead to the “summer slide” – a potential regression in academic skills. This results in students losing knowledge acquired during the school year, affecting their academic performance and confidence. That is why we’re so excited to launch our new Summer Code Fest to help prevent summer slide!

Tynker’s Summer Code Fest is a series of exciting weekly free coding projects guaranteed to make coding for kids a blast all summer. Prepare for your kids to enjoy engaging with Tynker while helping you prevent summer slide.

From June 10th to August 15th, we will highlight FREE fun summer code projects here twice a week to help prevent summer slide!

  • June 10: Minecraft at the Beach – Turn any Minecraft mob (“mobile entity”) into a summer-themed character or object.
  • June 13: Create Your Outdoor Self – Design and animate an outdoorsy avatar of yourself.
  • June 17: Fashion Designer – Build your own dress-up doll game quickly with our wizard for beginners. No coding required!
  • June 20: My Sports Moment – Use code to recreate a dramatic or historic moment from your favorite sport.
  • June 24: Design a Soundscape – Build an interactive scene in which everything you click on makes a different noise.
  • June 27: Oceans Mobs – Celebrate biodiversity in Minecraft by recreating real ocean-dwelling wildlife as Minecraft mobs.
  • July 1: OMG! – Learn to apply image-recognition AI in this simple face filter project that’s sure to make your eyes pop!
  • July 4: Draw a Summerscape – Use Tynker’s virtual pen to draw a beautiful scene programmatically, whether it be a sunset on the beach, a starry night sky, or a fireworks display.
  • July 8: Design a Flying Machine – Sculpt a Minecraft mob of your choice into a flying contraption. Don’t forget to code it to fly!
  • July 11: Solar Power Clicker – The summer sun gives us lots of energy to use! Code this clicker game themed around renewable energy.
  • July 15: Design a Mission Patch – Celebrate NASA’s upcoming return to the moon by designing and animating your own Artemis mission patch.
  • July 18: Create a Crazy Contraption – Use Tynker’s physics engine to design your very own virtual Rube Goldberg machine, right in your browser.
  • July 22: Weather Control – Leverage Tynker’s image-recognition AI to control the weather of a virtual scene… with hand gestures!
  • July 25: Olympic Sport – Just in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, celebrate or recreate your favorite Olympic sport in code.
  • July 29: Mountains Mobs – Celebrate biodiversity in Minecraft by recreating real mountain-dwelling wildlife as Minecraft mobs.
  • August 1: Dodge ’em – Build your own classic arcade game quickly with our wizard for beginners. No coding required!
  • August 5: Play Ball! – Code a virtual recreation of your favorite real-life ball game.
  • August 8: Balancing Act – Combine Tynker’s AI and physics libraries to build a game where you balance a ball on your head.
  • August 12: Pet Designer – Build your own creature customization game quickly with our wizard for beginners. No coding required!
  • August 15: Forests Mobs – Celebrate biodiversity in Minecraft by recreating real forest-dwelling wildlife as Minecraft mobs.

NEW: Use our free tracking sheet to keep track of your child’s progress during the Summer Code Fest. We’re also providing a series of free posters as rewards for completion; help your child complete the set and collect all four!

Prevent Summer Slide: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a summer slide?

Summer slide refers to the learning loss children may experience during the summer break when they are not engaged in educational activities.

How can coding projects help prevent summer slide?

Coding projects keep kids mentally active, help them develop problem-solving skills, and provide a fun way to practice critical thinking and creativity to help prevent summer slide.

Why use Tynker for coding projects?

Tynker offers interactive and engaging coding projects designed for kids, making learning fun and accessible. Its structured lessons help maintain academic skills during the summer.

What are some examples of coding projects on Tynker?

Tynker offers a variety of projects, including game design, animation creation, and robotics programming, tailored to different skill levels and interests.

How often should kids engage in coding projects during the summer?

Kids should engage in coding projects a few times weekly for optimal benefits. Consistent practice helps reinforce learning and keeps their skills sharp to prevent summer slide.

Can beginners use Tynker for coding projects?

Yes, Tynker is designed for all skill levels, including beginners. It provides step-by-step instructions and interactive tutorials to help new coders get started easily.

Are there any additional resources to support learning on Tynker?

Tynker offers tutorials, webinars, and a community forum where kids can share their projects and get feedback, ensuring they have ample support and resources for learning.

By engaging in coding projects on Tynker, kids can have fun while preventing summer slide, ensuring they return to school ready to succeed.

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