Hour of Code 2019: Get Ready to Blast Off!

Hour of Code 2019: Get Ready to Blast Off!

Hour of Code 2019: Get Ready to Blast Off!

This year for Hour of Code, stands to be our biggest yet. With over 60 Million students reached all over the world since 2015, we couldn’t be more excited for Computer Science Education Week! Now topping 40+ activities, this year we’ve included new projects and experiences featuring the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as an amazing new Tynker collaboration from NASA!  All the more reason why when you do Hour of Code this year, it should be a Tynker Hour of Code.


Why a Tynker Hour of Code?

Hour of Code activities by Tynker have always been focused on diversity. Diversity of content, of achievement, of skill, and of goals. Completing a Tynker Hour of Code is unlike any other student experience. Why? A Tynker Hour of Code includes these awesome benefits:

  • 6 new STEM projects that tie in with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • 4 new space-themed coding projects in partnership with NASA 
  • Completion certificates with activity stickers on them!
  • Real-time mastery tracking during the Hour of Code
  • The 2019 Tynker Hour of Code activities include: 
    • Voiceover instructions for early readers
    • Content aimed at amplifying opportunities for girls in STEM
    • Engaging story-based puzzles and tutorials with step-by-step instructions  
    • Beginners use Tynker Blocks while advanced students get challenged in Python and JavaScript
    • Coding applied to all subject areas including Math, Science, Social Studies and English
    • Complete Teacher Guides for each lesson! 
    • Standards-aligned iPad and Web experiences

Most of all, you have a complete Hour of Code experience all in one place. Make it a week, a month, or even a year!


New Projects, BIG Problems, BIG Solutions

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals give the world a standard to achieve, and now students can do it with code! This year, we’re bringing projects that allow students to design solutions to get us one step closer to the Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations has laid out for the year 2030.  With the Hour of Code SDG projects, students can:

  • Imagine solutions that will increase the world’s recycling output in order to build a sense of responsible consumption and production
  • Explore the importance of the earth’s forest and land while creating solutions to sustain them
  • Address and advocate for affordable and clean energy for all human life

Each project has both a Tynker Blocks and a text version in order to meet the needs of every age group and skill level!


NASA + Hour of Code + Tynker!

This year you can also blast off into the Hour of Code week with our NEW NASA themed projects! Students will be able to imagine what life is like in space with a series of challenges that ask students to design for both the NASA space program and the dream of living on the lunar gateway. With the Moon 2 Mars projects, students can:

  • Design and bring to life the next Mission Path for the team of NASA astronauts traveling to Mars
  • Imagine what life is like on the Lunar Gateway and tell the story of their time as an Artemis astronaut
  • Explore what it’s like to be stationed in a lunar habitat while solving the series of challenges they might face.

The NASA Moon 2 Mars projects have versions for both Tynker Blocks and text making them great for all ages and skill levels.


How to Connect with the Tynker Teacher Community? Flipgrid!

We are sure you want to keep that fire you have for computer science going once the Hour of Code is concluded, and we have set up a special place for you to do just that! Tynker is now a Flipgrid Disco Library partner, which gives you the opportunity to both hear the voice of our community and share yours with it. In Flipgrid, you can:

  • Implement special Hour of Code topics that let your students share their experience with their community
  • Hear from the incredible teachers that make up the Tynker family
  • Find a host of other resources that will let you continue the Hour of Code excitement both in the community and during the rest of the school year

How to Get Started? Join our Webinar! 

Do you need more resources and support to get your students soaring during the Hour of Code? We have a webinar designed just for that! Join us for a one-hour session that will give you everything you need to make your Hour of code a success. In the webinar, you will:

  • Easily manage your classes for all of your Hour of Code Activities
  • Inspire your students with activities based on UN Sustainable Development Goals and from NASA, and over 30 more
  • Reward your students with Tynker certificates and badges
  • Extend the Hour of Code excitement to the entire school year

Take These Steps First:

Bring Hour of Code into your classroom for #CSEdWeek 2019 with 45+ FREE coding activities and more for all grades when you sign up for a free teacher account with Tynker!

Beyond Hour of Code: Free Courses, Weekly Lessons, and More!

After your Hour of Code, you can continue to keep your students excited about coding with our free coding courses, weekly lessons and more. We offer free professional development and unlimited student accounts. With Tynker you don’t need prior coding experience; Tynker provides all the curriculum and intuitive tools you need to teach coding. Give your students tailored coding lessons to get them started with block-based coding or real-world programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.