Kahoots from Tynker! Fun, Free Computer Science Trivia 

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 1:37 pm
Kahoots from Tynker! Fun, Free Computer Science Trivia 

Are you looking for an engaging warm-up activity for your classroom or afterschool group? 

Check out these free Trivia Games from Tynker, produced on Kahoot! These engaging learning activities are the perfect way to begin your Hour of Code or get a jump start on a computer science lesson sequence. These trivia games have been designed for teachers, but anyone can play, even at home!

Join the over 500,000 players on Kahoot who have played these fun games!

You’ll find activities for all kinds of classrooms and age groups! Find descriptions and links to all of Tynker’s Kahoots below.

Basic Computer Science Terms

Help your students “talk the talk” as they are learning to program. Test their knowledge of key computing ideas and terms with this quiz.

This or That: Devices and Computer Parts

Are those headphones or earbuds? What does a router look like? In this fun quiz, you’ll be given a picture of two similar looking devices and you’ll have to choose which one is the correct one: is it THIS or THAT??

What’s Next? – A Sequencing Game

What comes next? Practice the important computer science concept of sequencing with K-5 students. Using fast fingers and pattern recognition, students have to complete the sequence.

Cyber Security Terms

How can we keep our devices and data safe? Introduce students to cyber security as they guess the terms!

Name the Device

What’s the name of that thing that plays music? In this fun quiz, students can practice key vocabulary as they are given a specific task and have to identify the technology that can help.

Dragon Blast Preview

Learn to program while you search for treasure with a fire- and ice-breathing dragon! This fun quiz introduces students to Tynker’s Hour of Code Dragon Blast activity

This Quiz Is About This Quiz

It’s puzzle time! Take a fun break and introduce students to recursion and self-reference in coding with this logic quiz in which the questions are about themselves.

Python Programming Warm-Up

Teachers! Are you starting to teach Python programming? Need to inspire your class with a quick no-knowledge-required warmup? Try this trivia game. 

The Zen of Python

Want to talk about writing elegant code? Start a conversation with this quiz on Tim Peters’ “Zen of Python” design principles for writing clean Python code. Find free Python Hour of Code activities and much more, including AP-endorsed Python courses.

Python Programming Basics

Are you teaching Python programming? Test your students’ knowledge of some simple Python syntax and commands. Find free Python Hour of Code activities at tynker.com.

Find the Fake: Computer Science Trivia

Find the fake! It’s computer trivia time! Have fun with this beginner-friendly activity that touches on the history of computing and computing in popular culture. 

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