Advanced Grading Features Now Available with Tynker Premium

Advanced Grading Features Now Available with Tynker Premium
Last Updated: November 22, 2013 7:13 pm

Srinivas Mandyam, CTO at Tynker

In this post I want to share some new and exciting Tynker features specifically built for educators – the advanced grading features. These are now available in Tynker Premium for schools:

Using the new Gradebook view

Schools with a Tynker Premium account already enjoy the concept map tab where they can get an overview of how their students are learning programming concepts.  The new Gradebook view that we just launched is another convenient dashboard that tracks additional progress metrics for individual students and the class as a whole.

As a Premium user, the next time you open your classroom tab in Tynker, you should see a new tab called Gradebook. Use this to track your students’ progress through lessons and quizzes in the curriculum.

Class Lesson Summary

The lesson progress tab, pictured above, enables teachers to spot students who are behind in their work. The red and orange dots identify students’ incomplete lessons. Columns of red spots indicate lessons that may be tough for a group of students.

Student Progress for each lesson

You can review details of a student’s lesson by clicking on either the gray or the orange dots. For each completed project, you can check out the number of blocks that the student used to finish it. If the submitted project has only 8 code blocks, for example, you can get a quick idea about how much effort the student put in.

Student Progress Overview


Reviewing Students Projects

If you want to open and review student projects, the Class Projects tab now has a convenient drop-down lesson filter. You can utilize this filter to view student-specific projects by lesson, or to view an entire class’s set of projects either within particular lessons or overall.

Teacher View of Student Projects


Quiz Results

The quiz results tab breaks down your classroom’s programming quiz performance for a quick and easy overview of individual progress by lesson.

Quiz Results Table

From this view, you can also drill down to look into each student’s quiz results. By digging further, you can view logs of any student’s series of quiz attempts and the mistakes that he or she made while taking them. The overall percentage is calculated across all of their attempts. For example, a student could have attempted a quiz five times and then succeeded to complete it on her fifth attempt.

Middle School Code Quiz

Tell us what you think about these new advanced grading features. and write to us if you’d like to know more about Tynker Premium for schools.

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