“Love Love Love!

Thank you for all the time and hard work to let us experience code!“

–Rebecca Galliot Teacher

Metairie Park CD School, LA


Tynker empowers kids to become makers. But don’t just take our word for it! See how Tynker is transforming the way kids learn to code.

What parents are saying

“Setting yourself little challenges is very good for kids and gives them the confidence to try things. When they’re really fun, kid-friendly applications like Tynker, it makes it all the more beneficial and fun for them. It gives them challenges that aren't too daunting, and they feel confident that they can attempt these things.”

–Alex Coubrough

Parent, Australia

“They don’t enjoy math, but with the Tynker app they’re working through the analytical skills and it is teaching them.”

–Danielle Dodder

Parent, Naples, FL

“I've learned that this isn’t just playing a game. Tynker really allows a child’s creativity to come through, which I think is phenomenal.”

–Maria Luongo

Parent, Pennsylvania

What kids are saying

“Whatever comes into your imagination, you can code it using Tynker!”


Student, Orlando, FL

“I was introduced to it by my school, and once I started I couldn't stop.”


Student, Dallas, TX

“I like to code because I can program my own things, and I can create the games that I want! It's really hard to do it in other programs, but in Tynker I can do it! It's easy!”


Student, Manila, Philippines

What teachers are saying

“I had a seventh grade student last year that was amazing at Tynker and flew through all of his lessons with ease. He got an A+ in my class. He came to me, smile from ear to ear, and told me that was the first A he had gotten. He was so proud of his accomplishments.”

–Kyleigh Westervelt

Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“Don't be afraid to teach it just because you don't have a background in computer science – anyone can learn with a visual programming language like Tynker.”

–Laura Hanna

Teacher, Cordova, TN

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