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(This article is about the regular spider mob; for the Cave Spider, see Cave Spider .)The Spider is a hostile mob, usually spawning in groups of 1-4. They are aggressive at night, but neutral during daytime, attacking any player that provokes them. Any spider will drop 0-3 String when killed, and the occasional Spider Eye . A single spider is two blocks wide and almost one block tall, allowing them to fit through spaces that no other mobs can (except for Cave Spiders, Silverfish , Chickens, and Bats all of which are smaller).

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Health Points 16HP (8x )
Attack Strength Heart
Drops 0-3 String on death 0-1 Spider Eye when killed by the player
Spawn Light level that is less than 7, on solids.


Spiders move slightly faster than other hostile mobs. They are extremely aggressive and will perform a leap attack at the player when close enough. They make a very audible sound similar to a loud hissing. Unlike the other mobs that spawn during the night, spiders have the ability to see through every block, which is the common cause of why spiders are a frequent danger to players. This and their unique climbing skill is an extreme risk to being active during the night (especially in a shelter, where spiders can sneak onto the roof in order to reach the player).

Due to their climbing abilities, roofs are imperative when creating a shelter. Players can counter this ability, however, by creating overhangs around their buildings, preventing the Spider from climbing over. Spiders that appear during the day will become neutral and will not attack the player unless attacked. On rare occasions, Skeletons can be seen riding a spider, creating a Spider Jockey . Despite this combination, they are still separate enemies with their own weaknesses.

On harder difficulties, spiders may spawn naturally with randomly generated potion effects active.


Spiders can resolve to be irritating creatures during the first few days of a map in Survival. Players who do not acquire supplies fast enough may be left without a roof, which is the main drive of a spider that attacks within a player's home. An easy way to combat this is to use any supplies to build an overhang, which does not require corners and can be kept until a roof is fully built.

Spiders can be difficult enemies to combat during night (due to their dark hue, sometimes the only way to differentiate a spider between darkness is its glowing, red eyes), so it is best advised to wait until day, as spiders will be neutral during the day-light. It is also to be noted that spiders are best tackled with a Bow as they will not become hostile towards the player if they are at least 10 or more blocks away in distance.

If combated from a short range, attacking from one block below is an efficient strategy. Spiders only deal damage when their Y axis position is changed. When the player is at the same level as a spider, they are less likely to be hit. This will also give the player a straight shot towards a spider and provides more accuracy against their erratic movements. If you are not prepared for a battle and have nothing but a sword, axe or even just an item (which deals damage,not like snowballs or eggs) or your fist, you can try to kill the spider by hitting whenever it comes near you. But make sure there are no other hostile mobs around that could distract you.If you fail, like when the spider attacks you from an unfortunate angle and your health points is very low, retreat by sprinting and getting out of the spiders reach!

.To make a wall that spiders can not climb over try putting a fence with any type of slab on top. It is considered either a glitch or a bug, but it works.

Once a spider leaps into you, you jump while walking backwards then attack and repeat this technique.


  • If the spider is far enough away, the player may see a white silhouette of the spider, even through solid objects, like many of the entities found within the game.
  • Spiders are careless climbers; sometimes a spider will climb into a ceiling and fall, causing them to take fall damage. Players may find String and Spider Eyes around houses with overhangs due to this.
  • In the 1.4 update, spiders made a crawling noise when moving, this can be the best key to discovering a spider chasing a player.
  • If you throw splash potions of invisibility at a spider, the player will still be able to see a semitransparent version of their eyes.
  • If a spider-egg is renamed Dinnerbone , via an Anvil , the spider that spawns will be upside-down.
  • The spider's original colour was brown, it is unknown why the colour was changed.
  • On April Fool's Day 2014, when villagers took over Minecraft, the spiders were saying 'Spiders gonna get you!', giving themselves away to the player.
  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition, sometimes spiders will spawn without the back of them. Those spiders are hostile, even in the day.
  • In the Pocket Edition, before 0.11.0, normal spiders composed the spawners of mineshafts.


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