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glowstone dust Minecraft Item

Minecraft Item

Glowstone dust is dropped by breaking Glowstone in the Nether with your a pickaxe or your hand (2-4 Glowstone). Glowstone is a very common substance that can be found dangling from the ceiling of The Nether or sparsely placed on the Netherrack floor. Four Glowstone dust can be crafted into a Glowstone block . Glowstone can be found outside of The Nether in the Xbox 360 Edition , in Strongholds and the Xbox 360 Edition tutorial. It is also dropped by Blazes as of TU8, and Witches ; this makes Glowstone Dust a Renewable Resource .

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Community Remixes

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Glowstone Dust

Type Block drop; Raw material
Uses N/A
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance Alpha 1.2.0
Data Values Hex: 15C Dec: 348


If you add Glowstone Dust to a Potion Bottle, the effect is boosted. e.g.: Strength becomes Strength II.


  • Redstone has the same texture, only in a different color (red instead of yellow).

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