Experience the thrill of flight and accomplishment as you learn to program Parrot drones using Tynker's intuitive visual coding. Pilot drones through extreme maneuvers, grasping objects and flying aerial combat missions all with the power of code. Watch your child's confidence soar as they learn to write programs that bridge the gap from the digital to the physical world.

How this course works: Students sign in to their Tynker accounts from a Chromebook or desktop computer and complete a Tynker lesson online. Then, they sign-in to their account from the Tynker app on a shared iPad device. The DIY projects will be available under the "My Projects" section in their app. They will be able to modify and run the programs on the iPad to control the accessory via Bluetooth. You can share one or two tablets between all students in a classroom and they can take turns controlling the accessary.

Recommended Accessories: This course requires a physical drone and a tablet (each sold separately).

No experience with coding or flying drones is required.


  • Drone command library
  • Sequencing
  • Repetition
  • Events
  • Conditional logic
  • Problem solving
  • Debugging

What Students Learn

  • Fundamental coding concepts like events, variables, conditionals, and loops
  • Program Parrot drones using Tynker's visual code blocks
  • Program your own remote control to fly the way you want to fly
  • Sync projects to and from the Tynker mobile app
  • Program drones to react to your tablet's accelerometer
  • Navigate drones through obstacle courses
  • Perform fantastic aerial stunts and maneuvers

Technical Requirements

* Online courses require a modern desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet access and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. No downloads required.

1. Flight Training
12 activities
Learn the fundamentals of becoming a drone pilot.
2. Aerobatics
11 activities
Learn advanced piloting maneuvers like turning and strafing.
3. Pilot's Wings
4 activities
Use the Tynker mobile app to connect to a real drone and take to the sky!
4. Dronie
3 activities
5. Skywriting
7 activities
Draw shapes in the sky by maneuvering the drone.
6. Remote Control
5 activities
Make a custom controller for the drone.
7. Fly by Feel
5 activities
Make a custom controller that uses input from a tablet's accelerometer to steer the drone.
8. Advanced Movement
6 activities
Fly in a curved path using the "start rotating" code blocks. Hack the real world and gamify the drone controller.
9. Virtual Pilot
2 activities
Program a virtual drone to do tricks and stunts in side-view, then try it out on the real thing.
10. Virtual Pilot 2
3 activities
Program a virtual drone to do tricks and stunts in a top-down view, then try it out on the real thing.
11. Grabber and Cannon
7 activities
Introducing the Grabber and Cannon attachment for the Mambo Drone.