Two Ways to Get Tynker Premium for Title I Schools, Now!

Last Updated: February 2, 2017 4:54 pm
Two Ways to Get Tynker Premium for Title I Schools, Now!

Two Ways to Get Tynker Premium at Title 1 Schools, Now!

When I started as a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools, I often had to find ways to get classroom technology that was not in the budget. That’s why, in addition to being a science teacher, I honed my skills as a grant writer and signed up for

I received a Promethean Board for my classroom, I brought an entire drama troupe to our school to perform Sleeping Beauty, and I was able to get professional development for myself to improve my classroom tech skillsWhile we’ve previously outlined some methods of crowdfunding projects, if you’re in a Title I school, I want to give you two options to get started with Tynker right now:

Option #1

Apply for an Infosys Grant. You MUST be Title I to receive this grant. Time is running out, because these grants are getting used up. We’ve given out almost 900 classroom licenses thanks to Infosys Foundation USA!

The Infosys Grant will allow you to use Tynker with up to 30 students and choose one premium programming course. If you think that your school should invest in Tynker on a broader basis, use this chance to collect evidence that shows that power of Tynker in the classroom. Take pictures, share with your administrators, show them how important computer science is to your school community. Make it count!

The application is actually quite simple and only takes about 15-20 minutes, so don’t hesitate!  

Apply Now!

Option #2

Start a or GoFundMe project of your own. Below are a couple of examples of teachers using Donorschoose and GoFundMe for Tynker.



Check out these funded examples:

Programming Drones with Tynker

Tynker Our Way to STEM Enlightenment

Flying High with Computer Programming

Layla Invades Tech Camp

As educators, we have to be our own advocates much of the time in order to give students the kind of education that they deserve. That involves going around the system sometimes, which is why we need resources. There are many crowdfunding tools out there, but for classrooms, Donorschoose and GoFundMe are really the queens of the ball. Go now, and start your project! 

Tag us on Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll help share your projects.

If you use the @gotynker handle on Twitter or mention Tynker on Facebook, we’ll make sure to help you along in sharing your crowdfunding project so you’re not alone in this.  

The success of these projects is knowing that you have a community willing to help you do everything possible to provide for your students.

Want to check under the hood and see everything that Tynker has to offer? 

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Daniel Rezac is the Head of Education Partnerships at Tynker. He's been a science teacher, a technology coach, STEAM Coordinator, and school Tech Director working with students from Pre-K to adults. Feel free to reach out to him at daniel [at]