NEW! Teach Coding with Tynker’s LEGO WeDo Course

Last Updated: June 21, 2017 5:43 pm
NEW! Teach Coding with Tynker’s LEGO WeDo Course

NEW! Teach Coding with Tynker’s LEGO WeDo Course

We’ve just released a new course that teaches your students to program with the LEGO WeDo 2.0! This fun course introduces the basics of block-based coding and computational thinking, and helps your students build competency with computer science and problem-solving. Tynker’s coding platform allows students to do so much more with LEGO WeDo, integrating it with web services, programming the WeDo to interact with other devices, using the WeDo as a controller for virtual games, and more.

As a teacher, you don’t need any previous experience with coding or robotics. We provide comprehensive resources, including teacher guides, lesson plans, answer keys, and a guided curriculum for students.

What Kids Learn

WeDo Coding has 11 engaging lessons with 64 coding activities that teach coding through interactive lessons, concept explanations, videos, puzzles, quizzes, and DIY projects. Students learn to write block-based programs that integrate the WeDo SmartHub with the environment. As they learn coding, students reinforce important STEM concepts and create awesome coding projects!

Explore Coding with LEGO WeDo Course

In this fun, hands-on course, kids learn coding and make awesome robotics projects with the WeDo. Here are a few of the cool projects they’ll build:

  • Turn your SmartHub into a Music Box
  • Make an on-screen dancer spin according to the angle of the tilt sensor
  • Turn your WeDo into a frog and program the frog’s movement
  • Create a fun game with the WeDo as the controller
  • Program a personality test and display the result using your WeDo
  • Integrate the WeDo with Internet web services to create a real-time weather station
  • Use your WeDo’s tilt and distance sensors to control a drone

You’ll Need:

For more information about setting up Tynker and your WeDo, please see our quick-start guide.

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