Kids Want To Learn Code!

Kids Want To Learn Code!
Last Updated: June 8, 2021 10:59 am

Kids Want To Learn Code!

Over the last several years, the ability to code has gone from novelty to necessity. What once was considered an elective in school has quickly become a requirement, while tech is today’s fastest-growing job market.

Meanwhile, the feedback we’ve gotten from Tynker parents and their children is clear:

  • Parents can see the positive skills their children are learning with code.
  • Kids love creating their own projects with code and want to do a lot more of it.

Can you code?

In the next twenty to thirty years, your child is going to hear one consistent question throughout their working life, “Can you code?” It’s that simple. Can you type? became Do you know your way around a computer? became Can you code?

Tech is growing exponentially, but that doesn’t mean your child is destined to be sitting behind a desk all day. They can get their hands dirty too. Even traditional businesses like farming are going all in on technology when it comes to finding better seeds, soil, pesticides, water systems, lighting, and more. That’s a lot of code!

If you can dream it, you can do it—with code!

The ability to code will transform your child from consumer to creator. Playing video games is fine, but what if your child could make them? What if they could take something that they’re really interested in and combine it with technology, maybe even make a career out of it?

“He’s trying to incorporate all his interests into coding to create beautiful projects. Coding helps the creativity to develop – the creativity and the imaginary things.”

—Sireesha, mother of Sai, a Featured Maker

Today’s generation wants to learn how to code.

Going forward, coding will be part of everyday life from your coffee maker to your car while also being a prime catalyst in global projects like saving the Earth from climate change and aiding the search for other habitable planets. All these advances in technology are written in a universal language that everyone can understand, CODE.

To be 14 years old and be so good at what you do with this tool, you have the future ahead of you. It’s great that he’s getting knowledge to be more self-confident.”

—Lena, mother of Lucas, a Featured Maker

Computer programming has become today’s canvas to create. Kids and teens practically live on devices that are connected by code — phones, pads, and computers. However, they don’t just use them to play games or turn in school assignments. With Tynker, they’re making their own video games, websites, music, art, and more!

Tynker makes learning to code FUN

With Tynker, kids and teens of all ages and experience levels are introduced to programming through our gamified, story-driven platform, making learning to code easy, engaging, and fun while empowering them to become Makers.

Tynker is the only platform that takes coders all the way from novice to expert, starting with our own block-based visual programming language, which makes for a seamless transition to real-world text-based languages like JavaScript and Python.

Here are 3 ways to learn coding with Tynker:

  1. Self-Paced Learning: Get a Tynker plan and learn to code on your own with our self-guided courses and activities.
  1. Small-Group Classes: Take an 8-week coding class or a week-long coding camp in the summer. Our Tynker teachers will help you earn a certificate in Game Design, Python & more.
  1. Private Tutoring: Work with an expert Tynker coach to help you achieve your personal coding goals.

Tynker teaches kids and teens to be Makers.

When you code with Tynker, you’re learning to create, think critically, and problem-solve with fun courses and activities. Kids and teens already know how to use different computer applications and programs, so the next step is to code something of their own and learn how to finish projects.

“It’s just so fun! Placing the blocks and watching your project and fixing things. I just really like doing that. I made lots of games!”

—4th grader Fatimah, a Tynker Code Jam winner

Tynker is teaching this generation how to code by catering to their interests in art, music, robotics, drones, game design, web design, and much more!

Coding builds community

Computer programming and technology are the hammer and nails of this century. And what we’ve found at Tynker is the importance in this field of community. Working together, whether in-person or remotely, sharing ideas, building off other coder’s projects, and inspiring each other to push what is possible without limitations.

“I really like helping others with their own projects if they need help. I’ll suggest different code blocks to use, and if there’s a major problem in there I’ll fix it for them.”

—Steve, one of Tynker’s Featured Makers

Tynker has paid attention. First of all, we’ve made our community safe and secure, finding it’s the main source for not just motivation but those who are there to learn from how someone else coded a project.

Coding builds creative careers

Just because your child learns to code doesn’t mean that they have to pursue a job in technology. Coding is the perfect springboard to countless career opportunities. While interviewing our Featured Makers and Code Jam winners, we’ve found that they’re not just interested in software and programming but other fields like: 

Artist – Marine Biologist – Architect – Video Game Designer – NASA Scientist

Tynker empowers children’s creativity through code, whether they’re interested in art or architecture, game design or web design, or even music. They can let their imagination run wild and then organize it in code to develop the most imaginative projects and solutions.

Coding builds confidence

For parents, it’s not just the obvious skills that coding instills in their children like critical thinking and problem-solving, but also empathy, leadership, and collaboration. Kids who code gain confidence because they learn to see projects through to completion.

“She’s interested in Java and wants to keep adding to her little toolbox because then the more languages you learn, the more games you could build. So, it’s definitely a great base for the future. Yeah, the opportunities are endless at this point.”

—Geoffrey, parent of Kayla, a Featured Maker

Parents have also told us that they’re really coming to appreciate how much there is for their children to do on Tynker. No one can match Tynker’s vast platform. We have more than 60+ gamified courses and 4,100+ interactive learning modules for ages 5-18, including 2 new AP® Computer Science Courses.

Tynker is the world’s #1 platform for kids and teens to learn code.

We can’t wait to see what your children will create with code!


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