How to Use Clever with Tynker

Last Updated: August 30, 2017 6:26 pm
How to Use Clever with Tynker

How to Use Clever with Tynker

We’re excited to announce that Tynker is now fully integrated with Clever! Clever, one of the most popular platforms for managing technology access in the classroom, makes it easy to connect student information systems (SIS) with learning apps. Classroom apps are auto-rostered for district administrators, kept up-to-date for classrooms, and students access all apps with a single login. Clever’s full integration with Tynker makes it easier to teach Computer Science in the classroom!

Who can use this solution?

If your district uses Clever and has enabled Tynker, you can start using this solution immediately!

  • TeachersSelect Tynker from your portal, and you will be prompted to set up your classroom on the first launch. All your students will be automatically added to Tynker, and then you can assign Tynker lessons to your students.
  • StudentsSelect Tynker from your portal, and access your Tynker dashboard and teacher-assigned lessons.
  • AdministratorsEnable Tynker in your dashboard, and allow data sharing so that your students and teachers can access Tynker.

Setup Instructions

All schools, whether you use our free or premium version, can enjoy Clever Secure Sync with Tynker.  If you do not see Tynker in your Clever portal, please ask your district administrator who handles Clever and the SIS to enable Tynker for your district. Here’s the link.

  1. Launch Tynker – Click on the Tynker icon in your Clever Portal to sign into Tynker.
  2. Click the orange Create a New Classroom button if you are adding your first classroom or the Add Class button if you want to add an additional Clever class.
  3. Tynker will automatically detect if you have a Clever Classroom. Simply click the Clever Classroom button.
  4. Select the class you want to import to Tynker from the drop-down menu, choose the grade band, and click Link Classroom. All the students will be imported immediately.
  5. Assign your first coding lesson to this classroom from the “Lessons” tab.
  6. More classrooms? Repeat steps 2-3 for all sections that you want to import into Tynker using the “New Classroom” button.

Troubleshooting FAQ

How does Tynker sync with Clever?

Tynker imports data from your students’ roster nightly using Clever Secure Sync.

I made a change in my SIS, and I do not see it in Tynker.

When a new teacher or class is added to Clever, the new teacher or section is available in Tynker the following day. If there are changes to existing class section rosters or brand new students, as long as those changes are reflected in your SIS, they will be shared with Clever and then reflected in Tynker the following day.

I made a change in my SIS, and the data is not showing up in Clever.

If you do NOT see the change when browsing your data in Clever, please check your SIS to ensure it’s updated. If you see the change in your SIS but not in Clever, please contact Clever Support for help. If you see the change in your SIS and in Clever but not in Tynker, please email for help.

Can I add more classrooms in Tynker?

We do not recommend that teachers manually add or delete classrooms in Tynker. Instead, if your SIS adds the class, you should automatically see the class in Tynker, by the following day. 

How secure is my data?

School districts maintain full ownership and control over their data, and Clever helps schools maintain their FERPA obligations. You can read more on how Clever does this here.

I need more help migrating my data.

If you are already using Tynker and have student accounts created but want to move to Clever-based accounts, we can help you migrate your student accounts, so they do not lose progress. 

Need more help?

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting tips and are still having issues, please email us at, and we’d be happy to help you!

Not already using Tynker Premium? Be sure to visit our site and see what premium access to Tynker’s full programming curriculum can do for your classroom.

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