Drones 101 School Course Launched

Drones 101 School Course Launched
Last Updated: September 12, 2016 3:29 pm

Drones 101 School Course Launched

We’ve just launched our first drone programming course for schools, Drones 101! This fun introductory course will teach kids the basics of coding and computational thinking as they control and program a drone. This is a perfect addition to your elementary or middle school technology class or makerspace.

As a teacher, you don’t need to have any previous experience with coding or flying drones; we provide comprehensive teacher guides, answer keys, and lesson plans. Plus, we’ve partnered with Parrot Edu to offer discounted bundles that include everything you’ll need to start teaching programming using drones.

Explore Drones 101

Through nine engaging lessons and 50 fun activities, students will watch short interactive videos to learn important concepts, solve puzzles to test their understanding, and complete their own projects to apply the concepts they’ve learned. Each lesson is designed for a class period of 45-60 minutes. All student work is automatically tracked and assessed so you can monitor individual progress and mastery charts.

What Kids Learn

Drones 101 teaches students to write programs that control drones. They’ll learn programming concepts like sequencing, repetition, events, conditional logic, problem solving, and debugging. Drones 101 also builds and reinforces STEM skills that students are learning in other classes, such as geometry, art, math, and science.

You’ll Need:

  • At least one Parrot drone (or more)
  • One iPad for each drone
  • Free Tynker app for iPad
  • Laptop, desktop, or Chromebook computers for all students (or one computer for every two students)
  • Drones 101 Tynker course

Drone Purchasing Options:

  • Parrot Edu Classroom Bundle 6-Pack or 12-Pack: Includes drones, extra battery packs, and access to Drones 101 course. Ask for a quote.
  • Any airborne Parrot Minidrone, such as the Rolling Spider, NightCargo, or Mambo drone. Can be purchased through the Parrot website or through various other retailers. Does not come with Drones 101 course.

Drones 101 Purchasing Options:

  • Free if you purchase a Parrot Edu Classroom Bundle
  • Can be purchased for $399 per classroom (up to 30 students)

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