Change Your Minecraft Blocks with Tynker!

Last Updated: June 29, 2023 9:02 am
Change Your Minecraft Blocks with Tynker!

Did you know you can use Tynker’s Block Editor to totally transform your Minecraft world? 

You can change colors, change the textures, draw pixel art to decorate your world — and pretty much anything else you can imagine with Minecraft blocks

Let’s explore how!

Transform a Block

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial. 

Step 1. Open Tynker. Login to or open the Tynker app

Step 2. Choose Your Starter Block. You can recolor common blocks like Stone, Granite, or Dirt, if you want to see a big change right away that affects a LOT of blocks. Or if you have something unique in mind: pick a rare block like a Beacon or Amethyst

Tip: When you change the look of a Minecraft block, you’ll update every block of that type in your world. 

Step 3. Paint Your Block and Save It. Use the Tynker pixel editor to recolor your block. Make sure to get every side of your block! Click and drag to spin. Try the different paint modes. When you’re completely finished, click Download. Remember where you save your new block!

Step 4. Load Your Resource Pack. Then start Minecraft and load your new Resource Pack (double-clicking is easiest, but you can drag the file into Minecraft too). You can then enable your resource pack within a Minecraft world. For example: Create a New World, visit Resource Packs and then see what’s Available. You should see your new block. Click Activate! Activate any many Minecraft block resource packs as you like! 

Activate a resource pack to enable a Minecraft Block change

Step 5. Check Out Your Changes! Find the block within your Minecraft world. Don’t forget you can give yourself infinite resources (every block!) by enabling Creative Mode (enter /gamemode creative in Minecraft Chat)

Cool Minecraft Community Blocks

Discover block ideas and inspiration from Tynker’s creative Minecraft modding Community! 

You’ll find cool blocks you can use and reimagine like:

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