BOO! It’s time for Tynker’s Halloween Code Jam 2020!

Last Updated: October 22, 2020 12:33 pm
BOO! It’s time for Tynker’s Halloween Code Jam 2020!

No tricks here, just a big treat! So many of the participants of our Summer Code Jam told us they wanted to keep the fun going throughout the year. Well, we heard you loud and clear!

We’re excited to announce a special Tynker Halloween Code Jam, has begun! Available until November 1st, this Code Jam’s challenge is… Spooky SoundscapeCoders will create a wonderfully wicked scene in the spirit of Halloween using music, sounds, and animation to set the mood. Have fun and read on for more details about the project, including prizes, rules and more!

How to Participate

Tynker’s 2020 Halloween Code Jam is a skill-based coding competition open to all users with a free Tynker account. The challenge starts the week of 10/25/2020 and ends on the following Sunday, 11/1/2020, at 11:59 p.m. PST.


  1. One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive $100 (U.S. dollars) 
  2. One (1) 2nd Place Winner will receive $50 (U.S. dollars)
  3. Four (4) Honorable Mentions will receive $25 (U.S. dollars)


  1. Participants are required to have at least a free Tynker account.
  2. Participants can submit as many projects as they wish.
  3. Participants are required to keep their projects published for the duration of the Code Jam.
  4. All submitted projects are available for Tynker to use in marketing and promotional materials related to the Code Jam.
  5. Winners must have a parent account connected to their account to be eligible for prizes.
  6. To win one of the six (6) overall cash prizes participants should complete the challenge by the stroke of midnight on 11/1/2020. The winners will receive a money transfer in U.S dollars from Tynker. A 1099 will be issued only if needed. Tynker will award the cash prizes to the challenge submissions that the judges feel best fit the criteria for selecting winners as outlined below.

Judging Criteria

How can my project be considered for a prize?

  1. Publish your project from either the Tynker tablet app or a computer.
  2. Tynker’s judges will select the overall grand prizes (6 in total) based on the following criteria:
    1. 25% based on submission’s originality
    2. 25% based on submission’s creativity
    3. 25% based on submission’s use of advanced coding
    4. 25% based on how closely the submission relates to the theme

How will I know if my project won?

Winners will be announced on a live YouTube broadcast in November 2020. Date to be announced. Winners will also be posted on a blog after the Tynker Live event on YouTube.

NOTE: You must have a parent account connected to your student account to be eligible to win a prize so we can contact you.

For all winners, an email will be sent to the parent for account transfer information which can include banking information or PayPal (US) and Transferwise internationally. Data to complete the transfer will be required to deliver the check and 1099 to the winners.

Tynker has final discretion on judging criteria and the decisions of the Tynker judges are final.

About Tynker

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