A Tynker-Powered Costume Party!

Last Updated: October 23, 2023 9:33 am
A Tynker-Powered Costume Party!

Looking for a fun coding activity, for your kids or classroom? Try out our spooooky new tutorial called Costume Party, available for free for a limited time. 

Get creative and make your own digital costume for Halloween. Use Tynker’s AI blocks and make something totally special — and totally you. This tutorial requires a webcam. 

Maybe you’ll become a cute kitty cat…. Or a proud Viking? Or even a scary zombie! 

Try putting your own spin on things! Design your own costume, then write code that makes it follow your face exactly, even matching your size and angle, on the fly. What kind of AI magic is happening behind the scenes? Explore how Tynker’s AI blocks make amazing effects possible. 

Brand New Costumes

You’ll find a set of new costumes available in the Tynker Media Library for you to use (Add Actor > Media Library > Costume). Take some inspiration and then invent your own.

A JavaScript Version, Too!

Advanced coders can create their own costumes using this tutorial!

Even More Halloween Activities 

Don’t have a webcam? Want another cool Halloween project idea? 

Get ready to create art using code and spider webs! In the Spider Spin weekly project, students take control of a little spider to design their own colorful webs. Explore coding ideas like functions, coordinates, and much more. 

Looking for a coding challenge? Advanced students can follow along with the Spider Spin tutorial for JavaScript instead of block code. 

Spooky Soundscape

You can also imagine your own scary haunted house, complete with eerie sound effects!

Find some inspiring kid-created projects in this Tynker Halloween Gallery.

We can’t wait to see what you create with code! Don’t forget to Publish your cool creations to the Tynker Community

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