Tynker’s 2022 Winter Code Jam Winners!

Last Updated: February 2, 2023 2:06 pm
Tynker’s 2022 Winter Code Jam Winners!

We’re excited to announce the winners from this year’s Winter Code Jam. With only two weeks to code during winter break, Tynker received over 3,600 project submissions from around the world, and we now have 6 incredible winners!

Tynker’s Winter Code Jam was a skill-based coding competition that challenged young minds to stay sharp over winter break—a great way to spend the holidays, especially if you’re stuck inside. This year’s coding project was to design, create, and animate a winter scene with multiple actors.

We were super-impressed with all the amazing entries this year and choosing our winners was no easy task! Learn more about our Winter Code Jam. And take a look at the rest of our fun projects on Tynker’s Hour of Code page.

Code Jam Winners!

We had three Grand Prize Winners covering the two week coding challenge.

  • Mochi – The 1st place Winner will receive $500 (USD).
  • Invincible Soda – The 2nd place Winner will receive $300 (USD).
  • Triton888 – The 3rd place Winner will receive $200 (USD).

Tynker reviewed all potential winners to confirm that their project was original, creative, relevant to the theme, completed with accurate code, and that the contestant was eligible to win.

Honorable Mentions!

  • Spurious Table
  • Jeffery_human

Winners were chosen based on the total number of likes received for their project—after Tynker’s final review of their eligibility. Coders love creating their own original artwork with Tynker. That’s why we’ve added Vector support to Tynker’s Drawing Tool.

Why Vector?

The new-and-improved Vector Drawing Tool lets you draw cartoony shapes and precise lines. Here are some of the other benefits you’ll see if you give the Vector Drawing Tool a try:

  • Your artwork scales up and down, without losing quality
  • Animate with ease — squish, rotate, and squeeze objects to create animations fast
  • Work with layers to control your artwork precisely — group objects together and much more
  • No more jagged lines 
A version of Codey, the Tynker mascot, drawn in Tynker's Vector Drawing Tool


In today’s world, having a basic understanding of technology and coding is becoming increasingly important, and learning to code at a young age can give kids an advantage in their education and career.

Tynker has tons of new projects planned for the new year to get everyone excited about coding. We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code in 2023!


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