Frightening Halloween Coding Projects!

Last Updated: October 14, 2023 10:36 am
Frightening Halloween Coding Projects!

It’s almost time for Halloween so get into the scary season by learning the programming concepts needed to complete two eerie coding projects: Spider Spin and Spooky Brew.

In Spider Spin, you’ll get creative with the pen and math magic to draw your own spider web. Meanwhile, you’ll learn key coding concepts such as functions, advanced motion, simple conditionals, simple drawing, and pen color.

When you’ve finished, press play and watch the spider spin your custom web. You can even change the background and add music and sound effects.


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Next, make a magical potion game—Spooky Brew! In this fang-tastic coding project, you’ll program actors to transform in different ways when fed a mysterious potion. Along the way, you’ll learn programming concepts like messaging, costumes, sounds, and advanced animation.

What effect will your potion have on a monster? Will it turn the monster into a fire-breathing dragon? Transform the monster into a spooky skeleton? Or make the monster change dramatically in size?


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All Tynker users have access to Spider Spin and Spooky Brew.

Brand New Costume Characters!

Get in the Halloween spirit! You’ll also see a brand-new set of costumed characters available for use in your Tynker Projects! Find them in Tynker’s Character Builder (Add Actor > Character Builder).

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