7 Spooky Halloween Coding Projects Made by Kids

7 Spooky Halloween Coding Projects Made by Kids
Last Updated: October 31, 2016 9:38 am

7 Spooky Halloween Coding Projects Made by Kids

Happy Halloween from your friends at Tynker! We’ve seen tons of awesome Halloween-themed games, trick-or-treating storytelling projects, and spooky remixes published to the Tynker community this past week. Here are some of our favorites!

Make sure you turn up your sound so you don’t miss the sound effects and scary music.

2 SCARY STORIES: Two very scary (and funny) stories about mayonnaise and and slicing bread.

Happy Halloween!: Get ready for trick-or-treating with this cute point-and-click animation!

One Week at Croc’s (Halloween Edition): This is a Halloween edition of a popular type of scary game that a lot of kids have been making in Tynker. Lots of jump-scares!

Happy Halloween: A sweet “Happy Halloween” card with a trick-or-treat scene.

Stickman’s Halloween Story: A truly scary story about a stickman who goes out at night for a taco.

Galactic War | Fall Edition |: A Halloween-themed edition of a fun arcade shooter game.

The story of Becky the ghost: A town is haunted by the ghost of Becky, who tries to save butterflies from anyone who would do them harm. But what will happen to the trick-or-treaters who come to her house?

Remix This Project

You can make your own Halloween project by downloading the free Tynker app for iPads! You can also learn how to create a fun Halloween game with our free Halloween coding templates. And remember, anyone can learn to code–even a werewolf!

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